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Sheem the Dream,Danielle Renae in 'Bangbros' - My Doctor Made Me Cum (Big Tits, Round Asses)

Sheem the Dream went to the doctor's office because his dick is too hard. To his surprise Danielle Renae is his doctor and is ready to help out all her patients. He describes his concerns and Danielle knew exactly what to do: make him take off his pants and jack him off. It was unusual at first but once she took her tits out Sheem was more than ready. She drizzles him with oil before putting her mouth on his hard cock. One thing led to another and she's asking for him to stick his giant cock up her tight pussy. And who would've thought that going to doctor big tits would fix Sheem right up. Do you think insurance covers blowjobs?

Released : May 25th, 2024
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Sheem the Dream in 'A Nice Bubble Bath Fuck Session'

Sheem the Dream - A Nice Bubble Bath Fuck Session

Sheem is in a hurry and needs to use the shower. Thing is, his step daughter Trinity is already taking a nice bubble bath. She tells him not to worry and just come in so that she won't look. Since he is in such a hurry he has no choice but to go in and take a shower. Once he turns on the water he notices there's no hot water. Trinity has used it all up. This causes Sheem to join Trinity in the bubble bath where there is still hot water. Trinity takes the opportunity to ask her stepdad for a back massage. Stepdad is taken back by the request, but since he is already inside the tub with Trinity, he goes for it. She later asks to see his cock and from there it goes into a wild sex session that goes from the bathroom to the bedroom. All leading to him cumming on Trinity's pretty face.

Jewelz Blu in 'Jewelz Needs a Big Dick'

Jewelz Blu - Jewelz Needs a Big Dick

Jewelz Blu is unsatisfied with her boyfriend's dick. She wishes he had a bigger cock. Flustered by this, he decides to go into the garage and concocted a potion to make his dick bigger. At first it didn't work but soon his entire body transformed. He ran over to Jewelz to share the good news. Surprised by the new person standing in front of her she was skeptical at first until he pulled out his new huge cock which made her instantly wet. From there, it was time for the real fun to begin. Jewelz took cock in several different positions making her squirt several times before receiving a huge load all over her face. Finally, Jewelz was satisfied.

Sheem the Dream in 'Roommates Cross The Boundary!'

Sheem the Dream - Roommates Cross The Boundary!

Danae is Sheems Roomate she gets home and sees no one is there currently so now she feels shes able to fuck herself with her dildo however sheem is upstairs on the roof working out and walks in on Danae riding the dildo he makes no big deal of it and danae thinks to take advantage of the situation because after all there is a real dick here now and that she does.

Sheem the Dream in 'Step Dad is Packing'

Sheem the Dream - Step Dad is Packing

Explicit Kai needed to talk with her step dad Sheem the Dream. He was somebody she could confess to. She broke up with her boyfriend Ralph. She broke up with all her boyfriends because they were not packing. But she saw her step dad. In the shower. Masturbating. So apparently he needed some relief. And she needed a big dick. Which he happened to have. So why not turn this into a win - win situation. As long as they would not tell her mom. She just wanted to touch it. So he took it out. It was giant. She touched it, she stroke it, she sucked it, she fucked it, she rode it. They fucked in doggy, missionary, riding until Sheem came on her glasses and in her face.

Juliana Dreams in 'Booty Massage Of My Dreams'

Juliana Dreams - Booty Massage Of My Dreams

Juliana Dreams is calling Bang Bros after she saw one of our massage videos. She says her back, ass, and tits hurt and needs a massage ASAP. Our boy Sheem passes by to show her how we really do it over at Bang Bros. It starts nice and slow, making sure we hit all curves, until Juliana starts to feel like maybe we can do a little more. So she asks for the Bang Bros special and Sheem knew exactly what to do. Before you know it, Juliana is trembling from how hard we made her cum. Juliana's body covered in oil is probably the best thing I've seen all week. The way her ass shines in the light when she twerks is making me drool. Sheem is a lucky guy to be able to fuck those tits and blow a load all over Juliana's cute face.

Sheem the Dream in 'If The Bus Is A Rocking'

Sheem the Dream - If The Bus Is A Rocking

Lysagna was on her way to a rock concert when we pulled up on her. Cute, white, and tatted was all Sheem needed to perv out on her. She was a tough one to crack. We settled on a few bucks to get her panties, so Sheem could smell them. Then a couple more hundred for her to get in the van and do our 'pod bus'. I tried to get her naked but she wasn't going. So, I made Sheem get naked, to get her to feel more comfortable. Lysagna was shocked at how big Sheem's dick was and couldn't stop looking at it. We asked her did she plan on having sex in Miami, and she was like duh. So, we were like why not Sheem? We kind of played match maker and she agreed to let him eat her pussy. Sheem with the magic tongue was all it took as she was returning the favor and trying to get his big dick to go down her throat. They fucked her all over the van, her tight pussy gripping on to his dick for dear life. He came on her face and with enough time for her to still make it to her show.

QueenRogueXXX in 'Maid Gone Rogue'

QueenRogueXXX - Maid Gone Rogue

Queen Rogue came over to clean my place today and all I could think about was her naked. She started to work and the first thing I did was ask her if $300 dollars would get her to clean topless. She said she needed the money to fix her car so as long as I didn't tell anyone, she would do it. Seeing those big ass tiddies bounce around as she cleaned was so worth it. So, the 2nd part of my plan was in effect. I asked her would she just get completely naked for another $400. The yes came a lot quicker as the money started to pile up. Now completely naked and working those thick voluminous curves; the last part of my plan had begun. I pulled out my dick and started rubbing it so she could see. I had the money ready, but then Queen Rogue through me for a loop. She said we both grown if I just wanted to fuck, I should have just said that. She then throated my cock, before ridding it like a motor bike. I wasn't going to let her out fuck me today, So I fucked her like I had a point to prove. I came over her face and in her mouth. She told me I better hire her on full time.

Sheem the Dream in 'Ada Lyn Is Here For Fun Fun'

Sheem the Dream - Ada Lyn Is Here For Fun Fun

Pulled up on Ada and she was a live one. She told us that she was down here with her sister, and they were here for some fun fun. I told her the bus was all about fun fun and money too. She was hooked. I got her tits out for seven hundred and to switch it up a bit, I gave her money to give to Sheem. Asked her what she wanted him to do. She gave him some money to get naked and when she saw his third leg, she was no longer thinking about the game. She wanted to touch it and put it in her mouth. Sheem was more than willing. She sucked him for a bit and Sheem went to his go to, which is eating pussy. He had her in oral extasy so she was ready to fuck. It was a tight fit at first, he could barely get his dick in her. But once he did, he was pounding her out quite properly. She hollered in delight from that good feeling pain. She took it like a champ, I loved the way her ass was recoiling from the fucking he put on her. Sheem finishes on her face and with all the excitement we never moved from where we picked her up. So, she just got out and went on with her day.

Sheem the Dream in 'I Do Enjoy Abby McCoy'

Sheem the Dream - I Do Enjoy Abby McCoy

We pull up on a redhead hottie Abby, and Sheem is in love. I can barely run game on her without Sheem interjecting how beautiful and hot she is. He is lucky the money talks more than him, as I was able to get her on the bus to show us her tiddies. Sheem kept going on about how strong he was, so I bet Sheem he couldn't rip Abby's leggings. It took some convincing but she was willing to let him try. Sheem eventually got them ripped wide open exposing all of Abby's asshole. She was not wearing any panties. She was a little embarrassed, and then Sheem pointed out her pussy was dripping wet. Abby admitted the whole thing was turning her on; I told her I would give her 500 to let Sheem eat her pussy. She happily agreed and that sent her over the top. She told Sheem its time for her to return the favor. So, she sucked his dicked like it was her job. The two both now smitten with each other began to fuck so hard I thought the van was going to come apart. Sheem after beating her pussy like it was a fight, came in her mouth. We didn't have time to get Abby some new pants so I gave her Sheem's when we dropped her off. A parting gift from the love-struck man.

Jessie Rogers in 'I Want it in my Ass Please'

Jessie Rogers - I Want it in my Ass Please

Jessie Rogers needed a massage. Sheem the Dream arrived to give it to her. She stripped naked showing off her wonderful butt. Sheem spread some oil on her and started to massage. He focused on the butt area and Jessie seemed to like it, a lot! She asked him to use a massage tool. She handed him a dildo. And asked him to use it as an internal massage tool. And she pointed out: I want it in my ass please. Well Sheem would do anything to make a client happy. That big pink dildo disappeared in her ass like it was nothing. She almost came. Almost. Sheem's tool had to do the job. Sheem took out his big dick. She sucked it even harder. Then he slowly inserted it in her ass and started to fuck her. He shook her ass and fucked her harder until she squirted and came. He creampied that beautiful girl right in her ass.

Sheem the Dream in 'Maid Takes Big Dick'

Sheem the Dream - Maid Takes Big Dick

I needed a maid to help clean around the house and the agency sent a really hot and cute girl to come in and clean. Her name is Scarlett Page, she has the most gorgeous face and amazing body. I offered her a lot more money to clean in the nude. She is a little hesitant at first, but seeing how much money she is getting for the job she begins to get nude. From there, I take off my pants and begin to stroke my huge cock. While she is cleaning, she sees me and is shocked by what she sees. But I offer her even more money and she gets on her knees and begins to suck on my cock. From there, she gets fucked from all postions until I cum all over her face.

Sheem the Dream in 'Spring Break Sex'

Sheem the Dream - Spring Break Sex

Dre Delevingne takes a trip to Miami and finds herself walking to the beach. We catch her and ask if she's willing to talk. She says she's on spring break and needs friends so we slide right in. After some chit chat, we convince Dre to snip her underwear off and give them to us. Once we exchance the money, our crew starts sniffing and hollering. We ask her to come in and since it's spring break, we'll definitely make it worth her time. We get to know her a little more before we offer some cold hard cash to see some tits. Dre gets half naked and starts talking about her dream man. And of course she describes our boy, Sheem The Dream. Before you know it, he's nakes and ready to have fun. Dre loved to see a big cock and instantly fell in love. She asked to suck it and it's all uphill from here. Dre can definitely take a hard fat cock as she was cumming left and right. She made Sheem work for that cums**t and here I am getting ready to shoot mine!

Sheem the Dream in 'Brianna Moore Fucks Her Step Dad'

Sheem the Dream - Brianna Moore Fucks Her Step Dad

Brianna Moore came home from college. Her step father Sheem the Dream was admiring her body. She went for a shower. Her step dad opened the door and watched her soap herself. He took out his dick and started to masturbate. The unimaginable happened. He got caught. But he had a big dick. Brianna got curious about it. She wanted to touch it. Suck it. Tittyfuck it. Then they fucked for real. She was riding him, he fucked her in doggy and missionary. In the end he came in her face.

Angel Youngs in 'World Class Tits And Ass'

Angel Youngs - World Class Tits And Ass

Angel Youngs was showing off her body at the pool. She had amazing big natural breasts. And her ass was world class too. She spread some oil on both to make them shiny and for us to watch how she is slowly rubbing it in. Sheem the Dream stopped by and he was ready for some action. First Angel sucked his dick and gave him a nice titty fuck. Then they fucked in doggy, spoon, riding and variations of all. It was nice to watch her tits and ass bounce. Sheem came into her mouth and on her face.

Sheem the Dream in 'Egyptian ASSquake'

Sheem the Dream - Egyptian ASSquake

The Official Egypt meets her new roommate. Once he shows her to her new room, she decides it's time to relax for a bit. So she pulls out her trusty dildo and goes to town on her wet pussy. After some time, she sticks the dildo to the wall and continues. Little did she know, this was making her roommates wall shake uncontrollably, making his furniture and lamps fall all over the place. After running to her room he realizes just what's going on. However, Egypt is still super horny and asks him to fuck her instead. What's better than having the real thing right? From there, her pussy gets stretched in several different positions making her scream in pleasure. Her giant booty bouncing on cock is definitely one of the 7 wonders of the world. After she's properly fucked, she begs for a huge load all over her face.

Ethan Seeks in 'A Very Anal StepMom'

Ethan Seeks - A Very Anal StepMom

Ethan is just chilling by the pool naked like it's normal; when his step mom Danielle comes home early from work. He quickly puts back on his boxers embarrassed. Danielle is more concerned about what he is hiding in them. She asks that he take it out and stop concealing whatever it is from her. Ethan replies that it is his penis. Danielle in disbelief touches it, and she finds out for herself only thing he is hiding is a massive dick. Her attitude about sun bathing changes. She starts to get undressed, telling him maybe it is a good day to sun bath. Ethan a little nervous is assured by her it would be great for them and that he should get back naked too. As they lay naked, she tells him oiling each other would be ideal. But her main focus is oiling up his dick. She strokes it gently and proclaims that Ethan's dick would look better in her ass. Ethan now with a throbbing hard on from her huge tits and perfect body couldn't agree more. They take it to the bedroom where he slides his dick in her tight ass. Once he gets it a little open, he begins to fuck the shit out of her. Danielle shows him that an older woman can take a good pounding in the butt. Ethan paints her face and they both are happy she came home early.

Sheem the Dream in 'Remy's Wet Booty'

Sheem the Dream - Remy's Wet Booty

It's a hot day outside and Remy is here cooling down next to the pool. She wears bright red shorts and a tight yellow shirt ready to have fun by the pool. We can't help but to ask if she can shake her ass for us and she happily does it. We get her to walk up and down, jump in the pool, shake her ass all before Sheem the Dream walks in and has a turn. He gets to pour that Bang Bros oil all over her big ass. Did I forget to mention Remy has a big ass? It barely fits in those shorts so we had to get her out of them. Her ass looks amazing when it's glistening in the light. Remy and Sheem have some fun before Remy begs to suck his cock. Didn't take too long until Remy is on all fours asking to be fucked. After some fun in the sun, they go inside and finish the job. I can stare at Remy's ass for days just look at the way it grips Sheem's cock. No wonder he jizzed all over her face, who wouldn't!?

Sheem the Dream in 'Anal with the boss's daughter'

Sheem the Dream - Anal with the boss's daughter

Mira is playing with her asshole. When she hears a knock on the door. She opens the door and sees her dad's business partner, Sheem. She is in lust. She loves a big black cock in her ass. So she invites him inside. She continues to masturbate her ass in the bathroom while Sheem is in the other room. He hears the moans and goes to investigate. He sees her ass agape. She notices him watching. He rushes back to the living room. She confronts him but tells him it's ok and that she is still hungry for cock. Sheem pulls out his cock it's better than expected. She starts fucking and sucking. After cumming all over her, She tells him her dad was in the other room. Sheem runs away.

Sheem the Dream in 'Notorious Cai No Panties No Problem'

Sheem the Dream - Notorious Cai No Panties No Problem

We pulled up on this 18-year-old smoke show Katie Cai, and goodness she is hot. I gave her $300 just because. She is about money. Katie let us know she is willing to do whatever in reason; if we are going to give it to her. So, I told her I would give her another $500 for her panties. She said deal so fast. It wasn't until she was on the bus that she realized she wasn't wearing any panties. She refused to give the money back, so she made a compromise. She would just take off her shorts and show us what she is working with. Sheem takes it as an invitation to get naked as well, making it awkward. Sheem of no shame should be his name, because he then starts stroking his dick. Katie, cool as a cucumber; is not freaked out and actually wants to touch it. She compliments him on how big it is. She then proclaims to give fire head. We called cap, and she began to show us what her mouth do. Sheem returned the favor. Then a fucking duel commenced. He fucked the petite hottie deep and hard. Katie loving it, her tight pussy gripping and coming on Sheem's dick. He unloaded in her mouth, and she told us that is her favorite part. Before we dropped her off, we asked her if she wants to do more videos. Kaite gave us an enthusiastic fuck yeah. Got to love hot sluts!

Sheem the Dream in 'Fucking the Tattoo Girl'

Sheem the Dream - Fucking the Tattoo Girl

Amy Gun was on her exercise walk when the notorious white van stopped next to her. The boys gave her $100 for a fitness interview. She was a tattoo model and had lots of tattoos. The boys were wondering if she had any tattoos close to the pussy. She did. They offered $300 to see them. Well she had no panties but a deal was a deal. There was a beautiful pussy next to her tattoos. Since they already saw so much they gave her another $300 to see her tits. This gave Sheem the Dream such a hard on that the Amy noticed. She wanted to touch it. She touched it, she sucked it, she fucked it. Just the way you like it.

Sheem the Dream in 'Massage My Oily Pussy'

Sheem the Dream - Massage My Oily Pussy

Brianna Moore has to have the best body to rub oil all over. Her skin looks perfect glistening in the light as Sheem rubs her down for a massage. Brianna likes what he can do with his hands and starts to suggest to rub oil under her bikini and after some convincing, Sheem was more than happy to do it. Rubbing hot oil up and down Brianna's body has me drooling. She couldn't help getting hornier so she takes off her bra and lets Sheem do his magic. Doesn't take too long for both of them to want to fuck each other silly. Brianna's ass goes up and down Sheem's cock and the way she moans is so hot. Brianna can take all the dick she gets and she proves it. I can't stop thinking about her oily body, I gotta go jack off!

Sheem the Dream in 'She Wants Stepdad's Big Cock'

Sheem the Dream - She Wants Stepdad's Big Cock

Cassie Lenoir is sitting on the edge of the bed thinking of her stepdad. She is super horny, and is imagining getting banged hard by his huge cock. She starts playing with herself, but she can't get off. She comes up with the clever idea to get in a bikini, look sexy, and go up to her stepdad and ask him to join her by the pool. He decides to stay in and watch a game instead.

Renee Rose in 'Renee Wants Stepdad's Dick'

Renee Rose - Renee Wants Stepdad's Dick

Sheem the Dream is just relaxing in bed when Renee comes into the bedroom scared after watching a horror movie by herself. She wants to get in bed with step dad but he thinks it's not appropriate. They talk for a while and then she notices that he has a huge dick. She wastes no time in touching it. Stepdad tells her that she can't do that. She convinces him to show his huge dick, just as long as she pinky promises not to tell her mom. From there, she starts sucking on his huge cock and gets banged from all positions. All leading to her getting cummed all over her pretty face.

Sydney Paige in 'Here Cums Mrs.Clause'

Sydney Paige - Here Cums Mrs.Clause

Sheem makes the nice list every year, and Santa feels he needs a special gift this Christmas. So, when he answers a knock at his door it is Mrs. Clause. Sheem is very excited to see her and she lets him know she came all the way from the north pole to get on his pole. Sheem is over the moon as he always wanted to fuck Mrs. Clause. She sucks him and fucks him, but then she has one last surprise in store for him. She lets him know that his final gift is anal. Sheem gets in her ass like it's a black Friday deal in there. He finishes in her mouth. She lets him know if he makes the nice list next year she is just going to have to come back.

August Skye in 'Stretching Out August'

August Skye - Stretching Out August

When August Sky's trainer Sheem comes over, it starts out like a normal session. August complains that their last session left her a little tight, so Sheem says for this one they can stretch her out a little. Its gets really hot and August needs to take off her sports bra. They continue to stretch and August notices a bulge in Sheem's sweatpants. She is so apologetic, because she knows it must be hard for him, literally, to not get hard with all the touching and rubbing with her top off. She feels bad and doesn't want him to get blue balls, so she offers him an old fashion so he can release the tension. As she caresses his large cock, she starts to feel a little tension in her lower area. Sheem assures her he is good at relieving tension as well, He dives deep into her pussy and the real workout begins. He bangs her pussy loose, fucking all the stress out of her, and she empties his balls relieving his. She is down for the new routine and can't wait for the next session and the next load.

Sheem the Dream in 'Wild Girl Fucks on The Bus'

Sheem the Dream - Wild Girl Fucks on The Bus

The bus is in constant search, driving down the streets of Miami in search of baddies that are willing to do anything for the right amount. This time we pulled dup on this waitress on her way home. She was a bit hesitant to talk to us at first, but once the money started flowing she was down for anything. Once we got it inside the bus things changed drastically. She was not trying to get money, instead she was trying to get fucked. Specially once she saw Sheem's cock. She got completely naked, showing us her huge boobs and tight booty before she went to town on his cock. Sucking and choking until it was time to shove it inside her tight hole. This chick took dick all over the bus.

Scenes from other sites featuring Sheem the Dream,Danielle Renae

CC Doll in 'CC DOLL Closet Slut's Backdoor Slam'

CC Doll - CC DOLL Closet Slut's Backdoor Slam

Sitting around with his buddies, freaky pornographer Richard Mann reveals that he has a girl stashed in the apartment. Damn! Scantily clad, heavily tattooed alt girl CC Doll pounces on muscular, bald stud Sheem The Dream. The tall, lithe girl sucks his big Black cock, giving an aggressive blowjob. She spews spit as imposing Sheem cock-slaps her face. He tears her scarlet lingerie apart, buries his face in her pussy and eats ravenously. CC moans loudly as pervy Sheem crams his fingers into her tight twat. He spreads her legs widely and fucks her slit. Sheem pins the feral tart's heels behind her ears to drill her bald box some more. And he rails her cunt doggie-style. Next, elaborately inked CC takes a thrilling anal drilling! The fornication and sodomy rage on until Sheem unloads his cream, icing lush-lipped CC with a sloppy cum facial.

Danielle Renae in 'BBC Hungry Divorcee Danielle Toys With Young Stud'

Danielle Renae - BBC Hungry Divorcee Danielle Toys With Young Stud

BBC-Hungry Divorcee Danielle Toys With Young Stud

Lacey Jayne in 'Absolutely Fucking Filthy Threesome'

Lacey Jayne - Absolutely Fucking Filthy Threesome

Danielle Renae is a badass sexy blonde slut wearing pink with her pussy out, just waiting to get fucked right. Lacey Jane and Alex Legend waste no time on pleasantries before getting her on her knees with a cock in her mouth. Lacey helps Danielle deep throat Alex's massive cock and pretty soon, Danielle is double dick sucking with the help of Lacey's strap-on. Okay, no more spoilers! That's just the beginning of this absolutely fucking filthy threesome.

Danielle Renae in 'MILF Titslap Gets The Prankster Back'

Danielle Renae - MILF Titslap Gets The Prankster Back

Danielle Renae is a hot MILF who's just moved into a new house with her man and his pervy twenty-one-year-old son, Max Fills. Max has mischievous prankster plans to get to know Danielle and little does she realize; he's skulking around finding ways to fuck with her. Max plays a few successful pranks on Danielle but she's not about to get mad, she's going to get even. That starts with a big ol' titty slap to the face, followed by a hardcore fucking, her way.

Danielle Renae in 'DF Xtra'

Danielle Renae - DF Xtra

If there is one thing that floats Richards' boat is seeing his wife getting pummeled by a massive cock. When you have a wife as hot as Danielle Renae you want the world to share your joy - and her hot wet tight pussy. Especially if you are a man with a big dick. So today's latest cock find is Chocolate God who gets to cum over and fuck Richard's wife while he jerks off and records on his cell phone. Nothing better than taking back that pussy while you watch it and relive that big cock action. Chocolate is more than happy to play a bull to Richard's cuck love fest. Danielle is ecstatic as the humongous trouser snake is released from it's underwear bound packaging. Veins and swollen, this dark bomber is ready for love. Sucking and slurping Danielle gets it good and ready for her dripping cum drainer of a cunt. Richard is happy as hell as he watches that pole start to pulverize his wife's meat hole. Jerking and a filming Richard follows the action as Chocolate fucks Danielle all over the place. When Chocolate blasts an uber load of salty sweet man butter all over her kisser Richard can't help it and shoots off his own load of jizz to double coat her.

Danielle Renae in 'The Personal Shopper'

Danielle Renae - The Personal Shopper

Danielle is looking forward to a day of trying on new outfits that her personal shopper Eden has selected for her. But Manuel has other plans with his wife Danielle and Eden is just getting in the way! That is – until he realizes Eden is not just an asset to his wife but has her own formidable assets too. Watch Manuel get lured into hot cheating sex by Eden and the less-than-ideal outcome!

Holly Hotwife in 'Doppel-Milfs'

Holly Hotwife - Doppel-Milfs

Danielle Renae and Holly Hotwife cross paths on their way back from the store, and wouldn't you know it not only do these blond babes look alike, they have the same great fashion sense too. There's instant chemistry between them, and how could there not be - it's like staring into a sexy mirror. Holly takes Danielle home and they get straight to fucking…until her husband Musa Phoenix comes home. That's when Holly comes up with the idea to play a little game of switcheroo. But when Musa enjoys Danielle's pussy a little too much, Holly gets in on the action and makes it a threesome.

Luna Luxe in 'Laundromat Loads'

Luna Luxe - Laundromat Loads

Petite Luna Luxe is working her boring cleaning job at the laundromat, but fantasizing about getting fucked. Horny Luna could really go for some dick, so when Sheem The Dream comes in with his girlfriend, it's ON! Luna steals Sheem right from under his girlfriend's nose, until Luna is almost caught with a pussy full of cum. While Sheem is dragged away by his jealous GF, Luna turns her attention to another man in the mat, Kai Jaxon. But the fun doesn't end there! When the entire laundromat catches Luna and Kai fucking, Luna grabs Sheem and pulls him in for a shameless, public threesome. Bored, gorgeous, and horny, nothing will stand in Luna's way of taking double-the-dick right there in the laundromat!

Danielle Renae in 'My First Sex Teacher'

Danielle Renae - My First Sex Teacher

Spring break is finally here for Professor Danielle Renae. She's got one last task of grading and then she's off. She's also feeling so horny after class with nobody around so she decides to bust out her pleasure stick to tame her throbbing pussy. Her favorite student and teacher's assistant, Sam, accidentally walks in on the action. She knows that Sam's big cock will do the job much better than what she's using at the moment. Watch how this sexy Professor takes control while getting out of control wanting every inch of his cock shove up in her.

Stephanie Love in 'Neighbor Affair'

Stephanie Love - Neighbor Affair

Stephanie Love gets a suprise visit from her next door neighbor Sheem who needs to use her shower. She finds out that he's rubbing one off while showering and she can't help but to want to tug on his big black dick.

Jessie Rogers in 'does whatever it takes to get neighbor's BBC deep inside her'

Jessie Rogers - Neighbor Affair

Jessie Rogers is working out, getting that nice round ass of hers looking perfect when she gets a surprise visit from her neighbor, Sheem. He lost his football in her backyard and now is about to lose his cock in her pussy. They don't have much time because her husband may come home soon so she takes her workout to the next level with some high intensity fucking.

Danielle Renae in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Danielle Renae - My Friend's Hot Mom

Danielle Renae's son's friend, Ethan, is spending the night after his dad and him got into an argument. Danielle assures Ethan that he can stay as long as he needs to. Ethan is thankful and mistakes her kindness for flirtation and makes a move. Danielle is surprised, but the truth is that Danielle hasn't received attention from her husband in a while and can use a good fucking. Ethan is glad to hear this and gives Danielle the fucking of a lifetime.

Anna Chambers in 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Anna Chambers - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Anna Chambers wants to remodel a chicken coup into a greenhouse, but it will cost her an arm and a leg. So instead of an arm and a leg, why not fuck the contractor to get a better price?

Danielle Renae in 'Slutty Snow Bunny'

Danielle Renae - Slutty Snow Bunny

Busty beauty Danielle Renae is ready to get her ski on! Outfit? check, Sexy ski instructor? double check. The blond bombshell is all over her hot instructor, Alex Jones even though she has a man of her own. Ahead of hitting the slopes she and Alex go through a few banging training exercises where he teaches her the best positions to get off on the slopes.

Danielle Renae in 'Blacks On Blondes'

Danielle Renae - Blacks On Blondes

When a married woman is being deprived of anal at home from her husband she will go to extreme lengths to get it. Take Danielle Renae for example. Her hubby feels anal sex is sick and dirty. He's not about to tap that backdoor to pleasure. So, Danielle finds one of his coworkers at a company event and invites him over to open up her spoke wheel. When Isiah Maxwell shows up and she finally gets to rub on the massive sausage he is hiding in his trousers she almost thinks she has bit off more than she can chew. But dammit! - the anal love gods are calling to her and there will be no denying her comeuppance - for today her browneye will meet the one eyed serpent of pleasure. After ravenously feasting on his veined and swollen monster donger, her pussy is wet and pumping and needing some man meat. Sliding into the drippy, goppy dick arouser he starts giving her the pumpa dump. Soon her asshole is starting to open up and she is ready for the anal plunge. Isiah is a master lock opener and takes his time pushing his huge mushroom headed hole wrecker into her tight ass whinky pink brownie maker. After some slow moving cave clearing it's all hands on deck as he fucks that tight little ass all over the place. She is cumming over and over as he tosses her into position after position. Just when she thinks she can't cum any more, the huge cock blasts a massive amount of steaming hot man chowder all over her beaming face. Now that is what this home maker needed.

XXlayna Marie in 'Swapping Out Stepmom's Sex Toy'

XXlayna Marie - Swapping Out Stepmom's Sex Toy

Xxlayna Marie brings her BF Van Wylde home to fuck. As they head to Xxlayna's bedroom though, they catch her stepmom (Danielle Renae) riding a fake torso sex toy. Xxlayna calls Danielle out of her room and Van sneaks inside to replace the sex toy with his own cock. It's a risky way to start a threesome, but it works!

Lilly Hall in 'I Have a Wife'

Lilly Hall - I Have a Wife

Lilly Hall just finished her photography shoot and is so happy with the pictures Sheem took of her, but now she wants a second session with him. This time, she wants to pose nude, but Sheem intends to get to know her a bit more before she takes off her clothes. But it's not what Lilly has in mind. She has been looking at Sheem's big bulge in his pants and she won't hesitate to make him fuck her even if he is a married man.

Ashden Rivers in 'gets more than her hamstrings stretched out'

Ashden Rivers - I Have a Wife

Today is the first-day Sheem is training his sexy client, Ashden Rivers. He wants to see how flexible and limber she is before the workout. As Sheem watches her, he can't help but notice that juicy cake of hers and gets rock hard. Ashden asks if she can get stretched and notices his big hard dick. She won't let him leave until she sees what he's packing and Sheem is more than willing to whip it out, fuck her good, and shoot his warm cum all over her face.

Mandy Waters in 'cheats on husband with BBC stripper'

Mandy Waters - Dirty Wives Club

Mandy Waters is throwing her friend a bachelorette party so she calls over a male stripper to talk specifics. Specifically speaking, the stripper is single so he's down to let the girls do whatever. He even offers to give Mandy a preview of the show he has planned. During his dance Mandy can't keep her eyes, or hands, off his package. She starts playing with his cock and eventually takes it in her mouth and her wet pussy.

Danielle Renae in 'In Cock Heaven'

Danielle Renae - Blacks On Blondes

When Danielle Renae's husband almost paralyzes himself in a horrible skiing accident he turns to his best friend Jax Slayher to service his wife. Mr. Renae knows how horny she is and Danielle will definitely stray if she is not kept in check with constant cocking. Jax is torn. He is a man of high morals and feels very uncomfortable having to fuck his best friends wife but when Jax sees just how hot and horny Danielle is in her lingerie he realizes this is his time to step up. Damn does Jax ever step up as he pulls out his oversized monstrous pussy wrecker and starts laying down the law. This bitch is not going to be going anywhere for outside dick as Jax is going to make sure he pummels her pussy to a drippy scootchy mess. Horned up and in cock heaven Danielle is a drooling dripping fuck beast. From her first taste of that huge Jax meat she is gripping hard and riding fast. In and out of her wet cootchie Jax pounds the little blonde milf for all he is worth. By the time he blasts all over her face, Danielle's pussy is a shaking satisfied fuck hole.

Gem Jewels in 'My Daughter's Hot Friend'

Gem Jewels - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Gem Jewels is at the house waiting on her friend to get back so they can party out at the club. Her friend's dad over hears and can't believe they are going out dressed with such short shorts. Gem wants to show more than her outfit to him, once the shorts drop he can't resist to shove his cock in her tight pussy.

Danielle Renae in 'Danielle Renae's Pussy Pounding First Scene'

Danielle Renae - Danielle Renae's Pussy Pounding First Scene

Danielle Renae is a blonde hottie with seductive big tits and lovely firm ass who is excited for her first professional scene. This busty babe is wearing pink lingerie and stockings in preparation for this steamy moment. After flaunting her hot body, the beauty kneels down and gives the naughty stud a sloppy blowjob-handjob combo. With his throbbing cock wet with Danielle's spit, the man fucks her shaved pussy in doggystyle before letting her ride him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The horny guy receives another deepthroating blowjob and then continues to pound Danielle in doggystyle, missionary, and sideways missionary. He pulls out of her when he's about to cum and dumps his thick load on her stunning face and in her beautiful mouth.

Tiffany Fox in 'I Have a Wife'

Tiffany Fox - I Have a Wife

Sheem is having marital problems. He loves to look at other girls and sometimes flirts with them. His wife has had enough of it so she made an appointment for him to see therapist, Tiffany Fox. She specializes in exactly this type of problem and has a 99% success rate in treating men like Sheem who have an above-normal libido. Her technique is the "Fucking Therapy" which consists of her male patients fucking the shit out of her to get it out of their system.