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Bangbros 'Luna's Tight Ass On Parade' starring Rocket Powers (Photo 252)

Rocket Powers,Luna Baby in 'Bangbros' - Luna's Tight Ass On Parade (Ass Parade)

So, Luna came by and she brought that tatted smoke show body of hers. She is thick. An ass and tits dream combination. Rocket Powers pulled the luck card today, as she sucked him and fucked him enthusiastically. But the real gift from was giving him her tight asshole. Women use the words tight little asshole all the time, but this is one time Luna is spot on accurate. Rocket could barely get his dick in; it was so little. I know he was in heaven. Even though he was destroying her tiny shit hole, Luna took it like a champ. Rocket blasted off like one all over her face and we can't wait to see Luna again.

Released : April 22nd, 2024
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Rocket Powers in 'Bangbros' Luna's Tight Ass On Parade (Thumbnail 210)
Rocket Powers in 'Bangbros' Luna's Tight Ass On Parade (Thumbnail 224)
Rocket Powers in 'Bangbros' Luna's Tight Ass On Parade (Thumbnail 238)
Rocket Powers in 'Bangbros' Luna's Tight Ass On Parade (Thumbnail 252)
Rocket Powers in 'Bangbros' Luna's Tight Ass On Parade (Thumbnail 265)

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Rocket Powers in '18 Year Old Size Queen'

Rocket Powers - 18 Year Old Size Queen

Izzy Rae was walking to meet her friend when the famous bus stopped next to her. They were doing a podcast. They gave her $100 for her time. They bought her underwear for $500. If she wanted to make more money she would have to get on the bus. She did want more money. $1500 to see her pussy. $500 for her to be topless. Meanwhile Rocket Powers got naked out of solidarity. Izzy was a size queen. Rocket had size. A perfect fit. She sucked his dick. They fucked while the bus drove on the bumpy roads of Miami. They did all kinds of positions. Mainly those with deep penetration. After a long time Rocket came into her mouth and on her chin. They were in a hurry so they dropped her off wherever they were and sped off into the sunset.

Rocket Powers in 'Jasmine Sherni Joins The Parade'

Rocket Powers - Jasmine Sherni Joins The Parade

Jasmine Sherni joins the ass parade today. She is not only gorgeous, but she is thicker than cold peanut butter. Rocket Powers claimed the luck card as he did what we all wanted to do; he went face first in those fluffed out cheeks. I have to pause for a moment and tell you about the head game on this girl. She sucks and slobs on dick like a demon. Just when I was reaching the height of my jealousy, Rocket took her inside and gave that phat ass a good wrecking. Her ass had such a sexy recoil and when she got on top the soft waves rode Rocket into a huge climax. He finished all over her pretty face, and even though it was her first time with us, she was right at home.

Rocket Powers in 'A Run in with Cubby'

Rocket Powers - A Run in with Cubby

Cubby is going for a jog and little does she know that two guys who spotted her are right behind her, they noticed how hot and how much of a banging body she has. They get to her place and spy on her while she showers. They see her cover herself in body was all over her giant boobs and perfect big booty. But, quickly, she notices that they are peeping at her. She quickly gets out of the shower and tells them what they are doing. However, she sees that both have huge dicks and is super turned on and invites them both to her bedroom where she gets banged from all positions until they both cum all over her.

Bella Rolland in 'A GorgeousAss'

Bella Rolland - A GorgeousAss

Bella Rolland was working out in the garden when her neighbors Rocket Powers and his buddy were peeking on her. When she walked into her gym the two guys sneaked after her and were watching her through the gym windows until she noticed them. When she asked why are you peeking at me, they just answered because you have a gorgeous ass. She loved the compliment. Did they really mean it? She worked out hard on it. She was glad somebody noticed. They suggested that a little oil would be good for the workout. Rocket spread a lot of oil over her big butt. She started to feel hot. Would they mind if she would take off her bikini? They didn't. Rocket oiled her breasts and pussy. Then he licked her ass. She sucked his dick and they fucked. First in the gym. Then they continued in the bedroom. They fucked in every imaginable position until Rocket came on Bella's ass.

Jessie Rogers in 'Anal Blast From the Past'

Jessie Rogers - Anal Blast From the Past

Jessie Rogers used to shoot for Bangbros 10 years ago. She had the most amazing ass. Bangbros caught up with her and she was even more amazing than back then. The ass was world class. The tits were bigger. Rocket Powers was the lucky guy to get that ass. He stuck his tongue deep inside. Then he got a blowjob that made all of us jealous. And last but not least they started to fuck. After a couple of positions Jessie interrupted Rocket and asked him to fuck her in the ass. Some beautiful buggering came right after. Rocket fucked that ass, she moaned as loud as she could and they fucked until he s**t his cum on her belly.

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Savannah Bond in 'Thirsty Mom Savannah Goes Airtight In Epic Gangbang'

Savannah Bond - Thirsty Mom Savannah Goes Airtight In Epic Gangbang

The hot older neighbor has a lot of affection to go around, and with her "my door is always open" demeanor there's always room for one more.

Ryan Reid in 'Life Of The Party'

Ryan Reid - Life Of The Party

Cute, sweet petit treats Liz Jordan and Ryan Reid are having a kick ass time at a party, grinding up on each other and dirty dancing with all the hot bachelors. Out of nowhere, the host of the part decides the party is over, and neither Liz or Ryan are ready to wrap it up. The only thing they want to wrap is their mouths around some giant cocks. That's where Dan Damage and Rocket Powers come in. Liz and Ryan lure Dan and Rocket to the bedroom for some hot group sex, and that's when the party really starts.

Charlotte Sins in 'Enjoys The Rod'

Charlotte Sins - Blacks On Blondes

Charlotte Sins joined the Heavens cult because she really wanted to ascend to a higher place. The cult had a very personable and mesiac type leader in Farizi Powers. He was one suave motherfucker with a huge cock that really knew how to keep his flock of babes in line. The whole group was a fucking and a sucking waiting for the comet to come by earth so they could hop on aboard and transcend to a better place. Well it's been a few months now and Charlotte is starting to miss her family so she goes to her Farizi to ask for some time away from Heaven's Cult. She has been a good recruiter and has brought in many members so he blesses her to visit her family. But first to keep her safe from straying he wants to give her his Golden Rod and really keep her connected. When he pulls out his golden root she is once again in an euphoric state as she gulps down on that meat stick. Her pussy is yearning to have that pole poking deep inside her gut and her Farizi does not disappoint as he lays down the Holy Cult Stick on her wet hole. Cumming harder and harder she is hitting that higher place. By the time he blesses her with the Holy salty transcendence she knows she is not ready to leave yet. Maybe another week before she goes to see her family.

Natalie Brooke in 'My Fucking Crazy Cosplay Girlfriend'

Natalie Brooke - My Fucking Crazy Cosplay Girlfriend

Natalie Brooks tries to initiate a quickie fuck with her distracted Boyfriend, Seth Gamble, before he goes to work, resulting in some "false starts" in the bathroom — she can't get his attention even with his cock in her mouth. When did their relationship get so stale? When Seth leaves, Natalie gets an idea: she steps into her walk-in closet and transforms into her alter-ego: Luna Baby! Luna Baby is Natalie's opposite: she's tattooed and cosplays with raunchy bravado. She's determined to get Seth's attention! Dressed up and horny as hell, Luna Baby runs through a sweaty training montage, vigorously fucking her mouth and pussy with her arsenal of colorful dildos. When Seth returns home, Luna leads him right to the bedroom to jump on his cock. What's happened to his girlfriend? An alternative-sex freak, Luna leads Seth through a litany of aggressive positions for him to pound her pussy into oblivion - standing, sitting, and lying down. Concluding with a messy cumshot, Luna calmly steps into the walk-in closet, and Natalie steps out, satisfied at the new lease on her sex life.

Luna Baby in 'Someone Else's Fantasy'

Luna Baby - Someone Else's Fantasy

Luna Baby hosts a podcast where she reads listener letters. These aren't regular letters, they are steamy, dramatic, and jaw-dropping. Luna's latest listener letter has her unable to keep her hands off herself when going through the sexy situation in detail. Unfortunately for Luna, her producer Scott Nails can hear her getting off through the mic and later walks in on her with her legs up and ready to explode.

Bella Rolland in 'Bella Ditches Boring BF For Three Thick BBCs'

Bella Rolland - Bella Ditches Boring BF For Three Thick BBCs

Bella's man jealously leaves the party when he sees her getting touchy with three other guys on the dance floor. Good thing her new friends are there to comfort her!

Luna Baby in 'LUNA BABY Dominated And Sodomized'

Luna Baby - LUNA BABY Dominated And Sodomized

Luna Baby is a hugely busty, tattooed baddie that likes raunchy anal sex. The frisky fuck doll flaunts her big boobs and well-groomed gash, shaking and showing off through a hot tease intro. Dominant Nade Nasty arrives for their hook-up, spitting into her mouth and fondling her bodacious body. Lewd Luna gets down to business in a hurry, crouching to give a nasty, slobber-soaked blowjob. The deviant girl bends over on all fours, stuffing a huge dildo down her throat while Nade sodomizes her! This graphic buttfuck scene delivers vulgar, ass-to-mouth fellatio; lewd farting; and rude rectal gaping! Freaky Luna deeply rims Nade's bunghole before he finishes her off with a creamy cum facial. Domineering Nade ejaculates while standing over her, and creamy sperm pours down her forehead and cheeks.

Elana Bunnz in 'Neighbor Affair'

Elana Bunnz - Neighbor Affair

Elana Bunnz is rinsing off after a hard workout and notices her neighbor looking over the fence. She asks for his help to dry off but what she really wants is his big black cock deep inside her tight wet pussy.