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Xwife Karen in 'Bangbros' - I Know Where This Goes (Big Tits, Round Asses)

Johnny is cleaning the pool of his hottest client, Wife Karen. He stands there as he watches her by the pool, while at the same time picturing his perfect fantasy. She'll start rubbing oil and sooner or later she'll ask for his help. That's just the way it always goes. From there she'll ask how much the pool service will be and once he tells her, she'll be struggling to pay such amount so she'll ask is there are any other methods of payment. At that point he's in and all his wishes will come true. Or will they? Tune in to find out how his fantasy turns out.

Released : May 11th, 2024
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Xwife Karen in 'The Back Door Was Open'

Xwife Karen - The Back Door Was Open

Witness Wife Karen's first ever anal only on BangBros!!! Karen has recently started dating Johnny Love. However, she's not ready to give him her pussy yet. Johnny Keep trying but he's unsuccessful. Until one day he notices that she has a butt plug in her ass. After he brings it up to her, She comes to a realization. She's not ready to give up her pussy but she never said anything about her asshole. Fueled with excitement, Johnny starts eating her asshole. From there, things escalate, she pulls his pants down and starts chocking on his cock. After some time, she begs him to stretch her asshole. Johnny fuck's Karen's ass in several different positions, stretching it further than ever before. All this culminating with a huge load all over her face.

Khloe Kapri in 'Sexual Chemistry Lesson'

Khloe Kapri - Sexual Chemistry Lesson

Xwife Karen and her boyfriend Johnny Love are enjoying time together until Khloe comes knocking on their door to tutor Xwife Karen on chemistry. Xwife Karen doesn't want to but Johnny convinces her. After a little bit of attitude, Xwife Karen couldn't help but notice how nice Khloe's ass looks. Drowning out the chemistry lesson, Xwife Karen gets so horny that she pounces on the table and shows Khloe how to have fun. They go on for a new study session: Ass and Pussy 101. The two chicks start to have fun and fuck each other until Johnny comes by. But it doesn't take long for Johnny to turn upside down and get his ass eaten. There is so much energy here you wouldn't be able to keep up. Try not to cum before it ends!

Xwife Karen in 'Deep Throat Makes Her Squirt'

Xwife Karen - Deep Throat Makes Her Squirt

Xwife Karen comes with the coolest name and hottest body in the biz. Her tattoo art is phenomenal. Big beasts, giant ass, nymphomaniac attitude. A true dream wife. Or even dream Xwife. Peter Green was the lucky guy to receive ultimate pleasure. A super deep, deep throat. Fucking like her pussy is on fire. And squirting during the deeper deep throat. They fucked until Peter came in her face and mouth.

XWife Karen in 'Fake Personal Trainer'

XWife Karen - Fake Personal Trainer

XWife Karen can't find a gym nearby. As she's on the phone with a friend complaining about this, her mailman, Danny Steele, overheard this and decided to show up at her house dressed as a personal trainer. He told her that her friend had scheduled the appointment for her. Unaware of the truth, she let him in. After she changed into workout clothes, he instructed her to start stretching. As she bent over, Danny couldn't resist himself after taking just on peek at her perfect ass. So he began jerking off. At this moment, Karen caught him in the act and things quickly escalated from there. After a bit of confusion her frown turned upside down when she told him to fuck her instead of jerking off. From there stretched her tight little pussy in several different positions before busting a huge load all over her.

XWife Karen in 'Begs For Creampie'

XWife Karen - Begs For Creampie

This week we met up with XWife Karen. This fun size beauty has some amazing attributes. She has a huge pair of knockers and a phat booty. First, we got to know her a bit as she displayed her goods. Her tits and ass bouncing as oil drips on them is definitely a sight to be seen. After we got acquainted it was time for the real fun to begin. Karen Quickly began sucking and choking on Logan Xander's cock leaving him grinning from ear to ear. From there, it was time to stretch her tight little pussy. Karen took cock in several different positions making her orgasm countless times before she received a hot load inside her pussy.

XWife Karen in 'Hot Neighbor Obsession'

XWife Karen - Hot Neighbor Obsession

Johnny has been obsessed with his neighbor, Wife Karen. All his plans to get her to fuck him have failed. He's at the end of his rope. However, all of the sudden he remembers his last plan left. This one has to work. He heads over to her house to give it one last try. At first she sees through his bs but soon she can't help but fall for it. Karen finally let him fuck her. And that he does. She takes cock in several different positions making her cum countless times before finally receiving a huge load all over her face.

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Xwife Karen in 'Tattooed, Busty, And Craves A Massive Cock'

Xwife Karen - Tattooed, Busty, And Craves A Massive Cock

After shaving, Xwife Karen wears red lingerie that draws attention to her big tits and big ass. Her horniness shoots up to another level after seeing Will Pounder arrive with an enthusiastic smile, ready to fuck her hard and raw. They start to kiss hungrily before stripping each other's clothes. The lucky stud spreads Karen's legs to lick her shaved pussy, tasting her juices before she delivers a passionate blowjob-handjob combo and lets him facefuck her. After the intense foreplay, they start to fuck in missionary, spoons, reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl. Will continues to fuck the tattooed diva in doggystyle, making her big ass bounce in every thrust. They continue to fuck in various positions until Karen ends up with cum on her face and in her mouth.

Xwife Karen in 'All Over Your Body'

Xwife Karen - All Over Your Body

Tattooed babe Xwife Karen treats Bruce Ventura to a sensual and relaxing massage by sliding all over his body, nuru style. After soaking her white t-shirt sheer with oil, she grinds her hot body against Bruce's until she strips naked and uses her bare tits to soothe her client. Karen wants more than just that though and soon oils up Bruce's dick and gives him a footjob…before he gives her a hard fucking!

Xwife Karen in 'Stacked Latina Xwife Karen Takes Manuel To The Limit'

Xwife Karen - Stacked Latina Xwife Karen Takes Manuel To The Limit

Manuel arrives at Karen's home, excited about their upcoming scene together. They both know each other from previous shoots and have always had great chemistry. Manuel and Karen begin their encounter by playing around in the back yard, teasing one another with sensual touches and steamy glances. As they get more comfortable, they move towards the edge of the pool where they can continue their play without getting wet. Manuel and Karen head inside to continue their intimate connection. They start making out passionately on the couch, gradually undressing each other as their desire grows stronger. Manuel and Karen engage in intense, passionate sex on the living room couch. Their mutual love for pushing boundaries leads them to explore new positions and techniques, resulting in multiple orgasms for both partners. Manuel finishes off the scene by giving Xwife Karen a facial blast she will never forget.

Xwife Karen in 'My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'

Xwife Karen - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Xwife Karen is staying over at her friend's place and her friend always brags about how big her boyfriend's cock is. Xwife can even hear them fucking at night. Xwife wants some of that dick now! So while her friend is out, Xwife strips down and seduces her friend's man. With tits like Xwife's, who can resist?

Xwife Karen in 'From Fake Ass To Real Pussy'

Xwife Karen - From Fake Ass To Real Pussy

When Van Wylde passes by his roomie (Xwife Karen) getting fucked in her room, Van decides to relieve his cock with a fake ass sex toy! Karen eventually catches Van and pulls the fake ass away from him, revealing his big dick. Karen ditches her boyfriend to give Van a good fuck. Talk about trading up!

Xwife Karen in 'Hot Latina Xwife Karen Shows Lexington Steele Her Curves'

Xwife Karen - Hot Latina Xwife Karen Shows Lexington Steele Her Curves

Hot latina Xwife Karen shows off amazing ass and tits to Lexington Steele. Her 34E tits will mesmerize you. Her ass is world famous. She handles Lexington Steele's BBC with ease.

Connie Perignon in 'A Swingers' Christmas Miracle'

Connie Perignon - A Swingers' Christmas Miracle

XWife Karen's boyfriend/boss has dumped and fired her on Christmas Eve. With nobody to spend the holidays with -or fuck- the situation's left her hating Christmas, until her ride share driver, Small Hands, takes her to his home and introduces her to his hot tatted wife, Connie Perignon, for dinner. Karen is pampered with a hot shower while Connie and Small Hands sneakily peep on her, and has a sexy dress laid out for her to wear. She joins them in the dining room, where Connie is spread out on the table: dinner is served! Karen can't believe her eyes -or luck- and can't pass up the opportunity to have a holiday threeway with these pervy married swingers!

Xwife Karen in 'You Snooze, I Sneak Your Man'

Xwife Karen - You Snooze, I Sneak Your Man

Ex Wife Karen is having a sleepover at her bff's house and crashing on the couch. But she's not tired, she's extremely horny and can't help but hump the pillows, the couch and everything else she can quietly straddle around her. When her bestie's man, Mazee the GOAT, comes home late, Karen hides herself under blankets and leaves her ass out, hoping he'll discover her sopping wet pussy. Mazee falls right into her trap and fucks her hard. Suddenly, his sleepwalking gf enters the room and Mazee realizes this slut has played a trick on him. He tries to go to bed and be a good man, but Karen has her own plans and straddles him right there on the bed next to her sleeping friend! Mazee fucks Karen back into the living room and covers her with his hot load… which is right about when his gf wakes up.

Xwife Karen in 'Is A Super Stacked Slut'

Xwife Karen - Is A Super Stacked Slut

Busty in all the right places. Xwife Karen shows Manuel Ferrara all her curves.

Xwife Karen in 'Fresh Meat: XWife Karen'

Xwife Karen - Fresh Meat: XWife Karen

Karen is making her way through the industry and trying to fulfill all of her fantasies. This one, the one that is BDSM is especially important to her because of how much she craves it. She desperately needs to be dominated and fully submit, so we bring in Derrick Pierce to help her with this. Karen begins in a standing position with her hands above her head. Derrick enters with one intent and that is to make Karen fully submit to him. She is so happy to finally be living out her fantasy that she cannot control her smiling. He uses his flogger on her, and she still smiles. He spanks her and her smile increases. She is thrilled about being here and there?s nothing he can do to change that for her. Next, Karen is in a doggy position and Derrick begins inflicting pain with a crop. The marks on her flesh show up instantly as it strikes her, and there the smile is again. He moves from her ass to her feet, and then begins fucking this slut. He moves from her mouth to her pussy and Karen explodes with orgasms. In the final scene, Karen has her arms box tied and secured behind her back. Derrick gets straight to work making her orgasm and doesn?t let up. First with the vibe, and then he pounds her little pussy and more orgasms pour out of her.

Coco Lovelock in 'Slutty Spinners Cause Double Trouble and Get Triple Fucked'

Coco Lovelock - Slutty Spinners Cause Double Trouble and Get Triple Fucked

Coco Lovelocks and Kaiia Eve love to play with each other's pussies and they aren't afraid to bring their scissor happy sluttiness to the living room, even if it truly pisses off their roommate, XWife Karen. When she discovers them naked, sucking and fucking, right before her hot date, she sends them packing. Karen tells them to stay the fuck away form her man, which of course is a dare too spicy to resist. Coco and Kaiia make a plan to fuck with her and her man until he ditches Karen to find the twinning troublesome duo in the kitchen, where they pull off a sneaky double blow and rim job. Karen catches on and can't believe her date is such an asshole. She chucks him out and yanks both ladies to her bedroom for a lesson in hardcore girl-on-girl action.

Xwife Karen in 'Curvaceous Latina Xwife Karen Embracing A Fat Cock'

Xwife Karen - Curvaceous Latina Xwife Karen Embracing A Fat Cock

Xwife Karen's voluptuous figure, comprised of her big tits and big butt, coupled with her tiny frame, will leave you in awe. Despite her petite stature, she is able to take Chris Diamonds big fat cock. Her big, brown eyes, framed by thick, long lashes, sparkled with a tenacious zest for being your future XWife!

Jenna Foxx in 'Rock, Paper, Pussy'

Jenna Foxx - Rock, Paper, Pussy

Jenna Foxx may have won a pussy eating contest, but when it comes to a round of rock, paper, scissors to be the first mouth on XWife Karen’s perfect pussy, I am the champ! Having these two ladies in my room at the same time felt so natural and was absolutely so much fun. Check it out for yourself!