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Bangbros 'A Lucky Day With Step Sis!' starring Parker Ambrose (Photo 156)

Parker Ambrose,Lucky Anne in 'Bangbros' - A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Bangbros Clips)

Lucky Anne is just relaxing in the pool when her step brother comes in to sit down with his boombox. She is quickly annoyed and asks him to leave. They go back and forth in argument until Lucky gives him a deal, if he promises to leave her alone and not bring anyone around he will get to oil her up, massage and fuck her. He wastes no time and agrees! From there it goes into a crazy banging session that leads to him cumming all over her pretty face.

Released : June 4th, 2024
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Pictures from Parker Ambrose,Lucky Anne in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis!

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Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 156)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 182)
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Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 234)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 260)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 286)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 312)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 338)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 364)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 390)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 416)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 442)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 468)
Parker Ambrose in 'Bangbros' A Lucky Day With Step Sis! (Thumbnail 493)

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Parker Ambrose in 'Getting StepMom Lubricated'

Parker Ambrose - Getting StepMom Lubricated

Justine is out by the pool oiling on a nice day. Parker comes out to see if he can get some oil as well when he notices his step mom Justine has her tits out. He plays koi but she tells him its ok to look because she is not his real mom. She then tells him that he can make himself useful and rub some oil on her back. Better yet don't forget to oil up her massive tits. All the rubbing is making Justine hot. So, she tells Parker it is one last spot that needs some attention. Her pussy. he rubs oil and massages it into her clit very thoroughly. Justine now super horny and out of oil, thinks it time to return the favor by lubricating Parkers dick. Since its no more oil she will just have to do it with her mouth. She sucks Parkers hard dick and they start to fuck outside. Justine says she needs to be fucked more properly so they take it inside. He fucks her good and cums all over her face and tits with just enough time to clean up before his dad gets home.

Sydney Paige in 'Fuck Me in The Real Ass'

Sydney Paige - Fuck Me in The Real Ass

After a long day, Sydney Paige comes home to find her stepson's phone. It's full of bangbros anal porn. She marches to the bathroom and talks about fucking in the real world. He says that no one wants to fuck him. After a moment, She steps in and fucks her son in her ass. She rips off her shirt and gets down to suck her stepson's cock. it's so long and girthy it's perfect for anal sex. Then she slips it in her asshole. She loves the full feeling of this massive juicy cock in her ass. After a while of anal, they fuck in her pussy. He cums in her pussy.

Parker Ambrose in 'Cumming In Her Backyard'

Parker Ambrose - Cumming In Her Backyard

Angel is outside by the pool enjoying her day topless. When Parker sneaks into the backyard to get a good look. Carelessly he forgets rule number one of creeping and doesn't silence his phone. Angel catches him and is about to go ballistic when he comes up with the I'm here to see Ralphie excuse. She lets him know her son Ralphie is not home and to knock next time. Parker so happy she isn't making a big deal about, and is ready to leave, when Angel lets him know something else. All he had to do was ask. She was super horny and the only thing could make her day better is some dick. Parker a little nervous by the proposal, quickly gathers himself when she asks him is he scared. He jumps on this opportunity and and can't even get his clothes off before he is balls deep in his friends' mom. He fucks her with this thick dick giving her the pounding she was longing for. He finished on her face and she let him know he can always just use the front door from now on.

Ebony Mystique in 'Stepmom's Banging Body!'

Ebony Mystique - Stepmom's Banging Body!

Stepmom Ebony Mystique is relaxing by the pool and she is not aware that her stepson and friend are just watching her from a distance. Her stepson Parker gets so excited that he starts jacking off, only to get caught by his stepmom. She is at first shocked to see that her own stepson is watching her...but seeing how big Parker is she lets him oil up her own body and give her some action. From the pool they take it inside to the bedroom where she gets banged from all positions until he cums all over her face.

Lucky Anne in 'Stepbrother Helps With Massage'

Lucky Anne - Stepbrother Helps With Massage

Lucky Anne arrives home from a jog, lays in bed and begins to stretch. She calls in her stepbrother Damian to help give her a massage. As he's giving her a massage, she feels something pressing up against her. She questions him about it. He tells her that it's his dick! She is shocked and doesn't believe it. She wants to see it. He shows her and is left in awe by the size of it. She wastes no time to start sucking on it. From there she gets banged from all positions until he creams inside of her.

Parker Ambrose in 'Grading The Curves'

Parker Ambrose - Grading The Curves

Parker is having trouble with his grades; because who wants to study when goon sessions are an option? His step mom Tiffani, being the great mom that she is, suggest that he should get laid. That would make him less horny and he could study more. She had no idea that Parker can find something wrong with every woman he has ever met like Seinfeld. So she offers to fuck him. He thinks she is messing with him into she pulls out her gigantic tits. Parker jumps at the chance to get those beauties in his mouth. She could see his dick print through his pants at this point. She pulls it out and tries to suck the skin off. Parker fucks his step mom like it's his last day at school. Then leaves the biggest load on her chest. Concentrating on school should be a lot easier now. Empty balls, clear mind. Or how ever that saying goes.

Lucky Anne in 'Lucky Gets Lucky'

Lucky Anne - Lucky Gets Lucky

Lucky Anne was coming from the beach when this white van pulled up and the guys offered $100 for a quick 5 minute survey. Easy money right? The survey was easy. Lucky excelled at all answers. But wait there was more money. $500 to see her tits. It was just tits right? In no time she was butt naked in the van being fucked by Derek Savage. The van was bumping the two were humping, fucking and sucking until all of Derek's cum landed on Lucky's face. Then they dumped her in the rain and drove off into the lightning.

Scenes from other sites featuring Parker Ambrose,Lucky Anne

Alex Coal in 'Girl Problems - S46:E30'

Alex Coal - Girl Problems - S46:E30

Alex Coal is just chilling when her boyfriend's buddy Parker Ambrose rings the doorbell. Parker comes in and Alex lets him know that he's just missed her boyfriend. Parker seems down, so Alex invites him in and tells him he can talk to her.It turns out that Parker's dick is too big to fuck his new girlfriend and he doesn't fit. Alex is having the opposite problem, where her boyfriend's dick doesn't measure up and he's not able to breed her the way she wants. If Parker doubted that Alex was serious, the way she pops his dick out to lovingly lick him from balls to tip leaves nothing to the imagination.Peeling off her shorts, Alex gets on her knees. Parker pulls Alex's thong down and then dives in face and fingers first to lick and plumb her depths. Getting to his knees, Parker obeys Alex's pleas and slams home. He winds his fingers in her hair to pull her head back as he plows her from behind.Alex takes charge next, climbing onto Parker's lap and sinking down on his fuck stick. She rides with slow movements of her hips as she takes her time for both her own pleasure and Parker's. When Alex yields control back to Parker and falls onto her back, he gives Alex one final pounding before blowing his load in her and hopefully making their baby.

Francesca Le in 'FRANCESCA LE Big-Cock Anal Affair'

Francesca Le - FRANCESCA LE Big-Cock Anal Affair

Freaky MILF Francesca Le's husband is away on business, so the buxom stunner meets young stud Parker Ambrose in a ritzy hotel room for a kinky anal affair. They make out, kissing and caressing to initiate their afternoon tryst. Francesca pulls out his seriously big cock and treats him to a slobbering blowjob, choking and lapping his balls. She sits on his lap, slowly stuffing his humongous erection into her hungry pussy. Francesca rides his rod, and she tastes her juice on his jumbo slab of wet meat. She whimpers when Parker pounds his pud into her anus. The horny couple enjoys intense backdoor boning, with Francesca pausing to give drooling, ass-to-mouth fellatio. The cheating lovers get extra kinky with rectal gaping and spanking. Parker splashes Francesca with a cum facial. Splooge drips down her cheeks, and she uses Parker's prick to scoop up semen and swallow it down!

Jane Wilde in 'Tiny Firecracker Jane Begs To Have Her Ass Filled'

Jane Wilde - Tiny Firecracker Jane Begs To Have Her Ass Filled

You won't see what's coming in this raw and sexy scene - except for Jane, loud and hard. Watch her!

London River in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

London River - My Friend's Hot Mom

London River wants a room cleaned out to convert it to an office. Her son's friend Parker, has borrowed some cash and what better way to work off a loan by putting in some work? London wants him to move everything out but he's pulled muscle and can't lift anything heavy. London really wants to get paid off so maybe he can lift her massive tits high enough to suck on her plump nipples.

Justine Jakobs in 'Fit MILF Justine Fucks Young Stud In His Classic Car'

Justine Jakobs - Fit MILF Justine Fucks Young Stud In His Classic Car

Before Justine will let a young man sell her a classic car, she insists he christen it with her first, and maybe also top up the fluids.

Jade Maris in 'Private Showing'

Jade Maris - Private Showing

At an erotic exhibition, a young art enthusiast proves to be the most captivating attraction.

Francesca Le in 'FRANCESCA LE Wife Swings For Big Cock'

Francesca Le - FRANCESCA LE Wife Swings For Big Cock

Married pornographers Francesca Le and Mark Wood are very active in the swinging community. In this scene, Mark films his busty hotwife with young, hung stud Parker Ambrose. The tan MILF can barely contain herself in the opening moments, grabbing his big cock through his jeans while they passionately make out. Francesca unleashes his massive meat from his pants and gives him a nasty, worshipful blowjob with ball lapping. She talks dirty whenever his thick prick pulls out of her mouth, and she moans when he stuffs his boner into her pussy. Francesca spanks her plump booty while feverishly riding dick, begging Parker to pound her harder throughout. The freaky, extramarital session includes a slippery titty fuck; slit-slamming copulation; and an orgasmic climax: Parker blasts a cum facial over Francesca's open mouth; she scoops up excess semen and swallows it down!

Maria Kazi in 'Stepbrothers Bully - S32:E8'

Maria Kazi - Stepbrothers Bully - S32:E8

Maria Kazi and her stepbrother Parker Ambrose are packing their lunches. Maria teasingly takes things out of Parker's lunch bag and he flips out. When Maria asks what's going on, Parker starts going on about how he's being bullied at school.Later, Maria approaches Parker on the couch and confesses that she is mean to him because she wants him to grab her and fuck her. Parker responds in exactly the way Maria has been dreaming of. He dosses her onto her knees, pulls her thong down, and shoves his dick into her in doggy. Maria is digging every moment of it as they fuck. She pushes Parker onto the couch to give him a bald pussy stiffie ride in both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Then she lets her stepbro give it to her as she lays on her back, her thighs spread nice and wide to let him in. When Parker has finally gotten her off, Maria gives it right back to him by going crazy with a blowjob that involves plenty of slurping and ball sucking until he pops all over her chest.

Jennifer White in 'Stunner MILF Jennifer Cant Resist Young Actors Cock'

Jennifer White - Stunner MILF Jennifer Cant Resist Young Actors Cock

A married woman helps an endeavouring actor get into character.

Britt Blair in 'Fantasy Blonde Britt Has The Tightest Ass'

Britt Blair - Fantasy Blonde Britt Has The Tightest Ass

Blonde bombshell Britt Blair is pretty in pink, plugged up, and ready for a pounding!

Octavia Red in 'Mirror Mirror'

Octavia Red - Mirror Mirror

In a hall of mirrors, a young woman sees every potential self, and searches for the one she's desperate to embody.

Nicole Doshi in 'Unexpected Surprise'

Nicole Doshi - Unexpected Surprise

A private yoga lesson turns into a surprise bachelor party when Nicole arrives. It's a good thing she's an expert at deep breathing, because this instructor is about to become airtight.

Kimmy Kimm in 'Stepsisters Slumber Party - S32:E6'

Kimmy Kimm - Stepsisters Slumber Party - S32:E6

Kimmy Kimm is making food for her slumber party tonight when her stepbro Parker Ambrose tries to eat her food. Kimmy tells him that he can't have anything of hers, not her food and not her friends. After claiming that she'll fuck Parker, Kimmy flounces off and leaves her stepbrother very confused.Later, Kimmy joins Parker on the couch and complains about her friend and her crush liking each other. Parker suggests Kimmy fuck him so her crush becomes jealous. He has played right into Kimmy's plans, so she pounces on him with eagerness. She flashes her tits and goes for a sloppy BJ that she's been craving. Kimmy even gets her pussy eaten for her trouble.Crawling into Parker's lap, Kimmy rides him like the cowgirl she wants to be. She turns around for some reverse cowgirl fun, then gets on her knees so Parker can really give it to her nice and rough from behind. They finish with Kimmy on her back, her ankles up by her shoulders. She watches with do me eyes as Parker pulls out and nuts on her belly, then offers him a sleepover in his room.

Savannah Bond in 'Thirsty Mom Savannah Goes Airtight In Epic Gangbang'

Savannah Bond - Thirsty Mom Savannah Goes Airtight In Epic Gangbang

The hot older neighbor has a lot of affection to go around, and with her "my door is always open" demeanor there's always room for one more.

Lucky Anne in 'Ass Masterpiece'

Lucky Anne - Ass Masterpiece

The lovely Lucky Anne is here and is ready to show you her best ASSet! Watch that oil drip down her sexy butt poolside before taking a pounding by a whole lot of black cock.

Lulu Chu in 'Tight Little Lulu Has Her Tight Ass Stretched Wide'

Lulu Chu - Tight Little Lulu Has Her Tight Ass Stretched Wide

Tight Little Lulu Has Her Tight Ass Stretched Wide

Octavia Red in 'Memorial Day Menage A Trois - S20:E3'

Octavia Red - Memorial Day Menage A Trois - S20:E3

Scarlett Alexis and her friend Octavia Red are trying to put up Memorial Day decorations. Dressed in slutty patriotic uniforms, they are looking super fuckable. They've been camming and they're looking for ever spicier content.Scarlett calls her boyfriend Parker Ambrose in to help them put up a big flag to shoot in front of. Then she asks him to help with photos. Soon the girls are feeling each other up and making out as Parker snaps photos. What's a man to do besides get a big boner at the sight of two hot busty ladies getting handsy with each other?When Scarlett reminds Octavia that they're practically a thruple and they should seal the deal, Octavia eventually gives in. She presses close to Parker and kisses him deeply. Sandwiched between herself and Scarlett, Octavia finds herself overwhelmed with passion.Setting the camera up to record, Scarlett joins Octavia and Parker on the couch. They pop Parker's fuck stick out and take turns sucking him off. In between blowing Parker, the girls also pop their big naturals out to really get the part started.Scarlett gets to enjoy Parker's dick in her twat first as Octavia cradles her in her arms. When she's certain Scarlett is digging it, Octavia straddles Scarlett's face for a pussy feast. Then Octavia gets on her knees so she can eat Scarlett out while Parker does her in doggy.Scarlett finally gets fully naked before hopping onto the D to ride Parker in cowgirl while Octavia sits on Parker's face. When it's once again Octavia's turn, the busty babe goes for a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride until she's squealing her delight. A minute later Parker pulls out to nut on Octavia's stomach, leaving all three of them sated and eager to do it on camera again ASAP.

Reagan Foxx in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Reagan Foxx - My Friend's Hot Mom

Reagan Foxx's son's friend is spending a few days with them and he is feeling very sick. Reagan tries to help make him feel better with some chicken soup, but he's just not very hungry. Saddened by how sick her son's friend looks, Reagan decides to try another way to make him feel better....by riding his cock until he cums. What man wouldn't feel better after that?

Madi Collins in 'Riding His Joystick'

Madi Collins - Riding His Joystick

Madi is streaming to her fans when her boyfriend comes in and starts playing with her pussy. Before long she's riding his joystick and begging for cum!

Madi Collins in 'Little Cutie Madi Takes A Big Cock In Her Tiny Ass'

Madi Collins - Little Cutie Madi Takes A Big Cock In Her Tiny Ass

A petite Redhead in a trenchcoat is a recipe for disaster. Can Madi even handle a cock that looks bigger than her body?

Lana Smalls in 'May 2024 Flavor Of The Month Lana Smalls - S4:E10'

Lana Smalls - May 2024 Flavor Of The Month Lana Smalls - S4:E10

Lana Smalls is excited for costume day this year. She has a surprise planned for her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose. Dressed as a slutty version of a space character, she makes Parker feel bad that everyone at school thinks they're fucking but they're not. Lana can fix that.Since she's in Parker's lap, Lana can feel how hard he already is. She gets on her knees and pops his stiffie out. Grabbing him by the root, she opens wide and begins sucking him down. Lana's blowjob is nice and sexy, priming Parker to finally find out what it's like to fuck his stepsis.Still in the bottom half of her bikini costume, Lana climbs back into Parker's lap and pushes her bottom aside so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. She turns for cowgirl, then lets Parker dick her down as she lays on her back with him cradled between her thighs. Once the stepsiblings have enjoyed a go in doggy, Lana sucks and strokes Parker off until he nuts in her mouth. Now all the rumors about them at school can be true!

Parker Ambrose in 'Nothing Says Thank You Like Pussy - S26:E3'

Parker Ambrose - Nothing Says Thank You Like Pussy - S26:E3

Xxlayna Marie is sneaking in late at night when she gets caught by her stepdad. Her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, comes to her rescue and claims that she was going to come hang out with him in his room. When Xxlayna goes to thank him, she asks Parker what she could do for him. When Parker claims he was just trying to be a good stepbrother, Xxlayna offers to let him pound her pussy as long as he can handle the cum dripping out of it. Parker is up to the challenge. After some dirty talk, Parker shuts Xxlayna up by face fucking her to prove that she's his dirty little slut.Crawling to straddle Parker, Xxlayna glides her dripping cooch across his dick before shifting her hips so he can come on inside. There's nothing gentle about the way the stepsiblings go at each other, especially when Xxlayna turns around so she can ride Parker until she squirts. On her knees, Xxlayna begs for a rough dicking down in doggy. She rolls over so Parker can get her off one last time before he pulls out and nuts all over her stomach. They've both barely finished before Parker's dad comes in and blows up at the sight before him.

Alexis Malone in 'My First Sex Teacher'

Alexis Malone - My First Sex Teacher

Parker has been bullying professor Alexis Malone's son so she confronts him on it, asking him to stop. But just like a bully would think, he wants something in return. Everything has played just right for him because he has a bet with his friends to be the first one to fuck a teacher before the end of the year. Looks like he wins because he, in fact, gets her tight pussy wrapped around his enormous cock.

Angel Gostosa in 'Stepsis Cant Complain When My Dick Is In Her Mouth - S32:E1'

Angel Gostosa - Stepsis Cant Complain When My Dick Is In Her Mouth - S32:E1

Angel Gostosa walks into the living room and finds a mess. She calls for her stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, to get him to clean up since they're grounded until the living room is picked up. He points out that it's not just his mess. Angel replies that she doesn't clean; her mom pays people to clean.Later, Angel returns to find Parker on the couch and the living room still a disaster. She throws her hands up and announces that Parker wins and she'll suck his dick. Surprised, Parker watches his stepsis whip out her tits and then go to work stroking and sucking him off.When Angel finishes getting naked, Parker sits back and lets her climb onto his fuck stick. After she mounts her stepbro in cowgirl, Angel turns around for a real good ride in reverse cowgirl. They go at it in doggy as Parker deep from behind. When Angel rolls onto her back, Parker gives to her hairy twat until she's moaning in delight. Pulling out, Parker lets Angel finish him off on her stomach. He agrees that they can definitely fuck again tomorrow.

Eliza Ibarra in 'New Age Techniques - S46:E15'

Eliza Ibarra - New Age Techniques - S46:E15

Eliza Ibarra is a bit of a new age girl. After walking through the house with some cleansing sage, she's just beginning to light candles and incense when her boyfriend's son Parker Ambrose walks in. Eliza asks what he's doing home and he tells her that he just got dumped.Seeing how heartbroken Parker seems to be, Eliza offers to cleanse his heart chakra. She grabs some stones and has Parker lay down on the couch. When she straddles his hips, Eliza can feel that his root chakra is very tense, too. She pops Parker's dick out to suck him down as she tries to cleanse his chakras.Eliza knows that Parker still needs help, so she straddles his hips and peels off her shirt. After another round of blowing that nice D, she adjusts her hips to take every inch of it in her cooch. Moving up and down, Eliza rides in cowgirl as those titties bounce.Taking a doggy style pussy pounding gets both Eliza and Parker moaning their approval. Parker decides to try his own hand at helping Eliza's chakras by eating her pussy. Then he sticks it in and goes to town until Eliza is moaning. As soon as Eliza has stroked Parker off all over her stomach, she reminds him that she'll always be there for him.

Jennifer White in 'Shut Up And Fuck Me - S21:E6'

Jennifer White - Shut Up And Fuck Me - S21:E6

Jennifer White wants to get with her stepson Parker Ambrose. She takes every chance she gets to wear tight outfits that highlight her big tits and ass. Today, Jennifer is busy ironing when she overhears Parker talking about how he's going to fuck a chick's friend to get into the other chick's pants. She can't stand it anymore; walking over, she grabs the phone and hangs it up.Telling Parker that he doesn't understand women at all, Jennifer offers to help him by demonstrating female body language. Parker is a slow study. Jennifer gets increasingly blatant with the flirty body language while instructing Parker in what to do. As soon as Jennifer is certain her stepson has popped a boner, she goes a step further by popping her tits out. Parker asks if that means a girl wants to fuck, and Jennifer gives him a sultry smile as she shoves him backwards onto the couch and unzips his fly so she can blow him.Knowing that she has her stepson as putty in her hands, Jennifer licks and strokes him to full attention before straddling his hips and sinking down onto him. She rides in cowgirl while Parker learns how to fondle her tits, then turns around and gives a reverse cowgirl stiffie ride as Parker gets his hands on that ass. Getting on her knees, Jennifer takes a doggy style pussy pounding. She rolls onto her back to get one last climax from Parker before he pulls out to cum on her landing strip. Now Jennifer pronounces him ready to get with girls his age.

Jade Kimiko in 'Easter Dick For Stepsis And Friend - S31:E10'

Jade Kimiko - Easter Dick For Stepsis And Friend - S31:E10

Jade Kimiko and Jade Maris are busy making Easter decorations. Although the girls are excited about the upcoming holiday, they're also horny and want a good dicking down. Jade Maris suggests that they should tease Jade Kimiko's stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, until he fucks them. They start by making dicks instead of Easter appropriate crafts, opening up the perfect opportunity to for the girls to tease him.The girls leave Parker alone, but only so they can go change into super sexy Easter themed lingerie. Dressed in sheer bras and thongs with little poof tails, they definitely look good enough to eat out. Returning to the living room, they beg Parker for his carrot. It's no secret what they want, and Parker is happy enough to let both Jades get on their knees to share his cock in a double blowjob.The girls hop onto the couch to present Parker with a pussy buffet to enjoy. He gives a good tonguing to Jade Maris first and then to his stepsis. Jade Kimiko gets to her feet and turns around so she can take a pussy pounding from behind as she eats her BFF out. Then Jade Maris takes her turn on her knees in the middle. The girls sit parker down so that Jade Kimiko can ride him in reverse cowgirl. They tag out one last time so Jade Maris can enjoy Parker's attention as she lays on her back, letting him pound her until he pulls out to nut on her belly. Leaning forward, Jade Kimiko helps Jade Maris enjoy the treat between kisses.

Jade Maris in 'Perfection - S46:E11'

Jade Maris - Perfection - S46:E11

A trail of candles leads Parker Ambrose to the bedroom, where his girlfriend Theodora Day is waiting with her friend Jade Maris. Both girls are dressed in sleek black lingerie, but Jade's getup is definitely one of total submission. Theodora brightly tells Parker that she knows he's been longing for a threesome and she heard him mention recently that he finds Jade cute.Parker hardly knows what to say, so the girls take charge. They pull Parker into bed and then begin making out and pawing at each other right on top of him. Jade's tits appear for Parker to suckle, followed by Theodora's. The girls move on to peel Parker's pants and boxers off so they can work together to blow him.Since Parker is already prone, it's a simple thing for the girls to use him for their pleasure. Theodora climbs aboard the D to ride Parker's hardon while Jade takes a seat on his face so he can eat her pussy. Relinquishing the cock to Jade, Theodora helps her friend scoot forward to ride Parker in reverse cowgirl.Getting onto her knees, Theodora munches puss while she gets dicked down in doggy. She rocks back stroke for stroke, enjoying her boyfriend's hardon so thoroughly. She gives up the cock only so Jade can have another turn. On her back, Jade spreads her thighs to let Parker dive nice and deep to make her moan. They couple like that until Jade is sated and Parker is on the edge. Ready to blow his load, he pulls out and cums on Jade's landing strip muff. Sated and satisfied, the trio agrees they'll definitely have to do this again.

Lexi Lore in 'Fit Tight Blonde Lexi Has The Perfect Gape'

Lexi Lore - Fit Tight Blonde Lexi Has The Perfect Gape

Get intimate with the lovely Lexi, a petite blonde spinner with a hunger for love that needs immediate gratification.

Parker Ambrose in 'Favorite Anal Toys'

Parker Ambrose - Favorite Anal Toys

Sofi is visiting from Europe and staying in a rental. She shows the rental owner her favorite anal toys and begs him to use them on her.

Millie Morgan in 'Fit Blonde Teacher Millie Keeps Bad Boy After School'

Millie Morgan - Fit Blonde Teacher Millie Keeps Bad Boy After School

A sexually inappropriate joke lands a young man detention with his no-nonsense blonde showstopper of a teacher.

Isabella Nice in 'Anal-Hungry Hottie Isabella Orgasms Non-Stop'

Isabella Nice - Anal-Hungry Hottie Isabella Orgasms Non-Stop

Isabella looks innocent, and this petite, bedroom-eyed beauty will play nice, as long as her partner plays rough.

Vanessa Moon in 'Locker Room Eruptions - 6 Orgasms'

Vanessa Moon - Locker Room Eruptions - 6 Orgasms

Vanessa gets her pussy teased and pleased in the locker room until she cums over and over again.

Lucky Anne in 'My Daughter's Hot Friend'

Lucky Anne - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Lucky Anne is tired of getting into debt to pay for school. She has a job, but it just isn't cutting it. Lucky for Lucky, her friend's dad, Will, is known to help out the college girls in exchange for a little TLC. Plus, he's weak for juicy, plump asses! Lucky pays him a visit to see what kind of arrangement they can work out and it turns out he is willing to give Lucky a weekly allowance as long as he gets to play with that ass and pleasures him. Done Deal!

Kimmy Kimm in 'Kawaii Kimmy'

Kimmy Kimm - Kawaii Kimmy

Kimmy goes kawaii and shows off her sexy body in a skimpy outfit. She strips nude and begs her man to fill her with cum.

Lulu Chu in 'Moaning Lulu - 12 Orgasms'

Lulu Chu - Moaning Lulu - 12 Orgasms

Lulu moans with pleasure as she toys her pussy and takes a pounding.

Parker Ambrose in 'February 2024 Flavor Of The Month Theodora Day - S4:E7'

Parker Ambrose - February 2024 Flavor Of The Month Theodora Day - S4:E7

Theodora Day loves to fuck, especially men in football uniforms. Dressed as a cheerleader, she makes it clear to her stepbrother Parker Ambrose that she's open for business and wants to get fucked by a whole football team. Parker turns her down, but Theodora isn't dissuaded by his lack of commitment at the get-go.Stripping down to a bra and panties, Theodora waits for Parker to join her in the living room. He's not about to say no to his stepsister when she's looking so fuckable and clearly can't get enough of sucking his dick. Theodora takes her time, using her tongue and hands to make sure her blowjob is extraordinary. In return, Parker pushes his stepsister back and laps the juices from her bare slit.Now that he's had a taste of Theodora, Parker wants it all. All Theodora has to do is get on her knees and Parker shoves in so he can do her in doggy. Theodora climbs onto her stpebro so she can ride him in reverse cowgirl as her titties bounce, a sight he gets to enjoy fully when Theodora turns around on his hardon. They wind down in missionary, with Theodora urging Parker to pull out and cum all over her.

Venus Valencia in 'Hustler Venus Schools Younger Man At Oral Sex'

Venus Valencia - Hustler Venus Schools Younger Man At Oral Sex

A bet over a game of pool is over in a flash. Venus comes out on top, but her opponent might not mind being on the bottom considering the body he gets under.

Sofi Adam in 'Petite Cutie Sofi Get Her Tight Ass Filled Up'

Sofi Adam - Petite Cutie Sofi Get Her Tight Ass Filled Up

The sun is in the sky, there's a tingle in the air, and lust is in bloom. Today is the day that Sofi spreads her petals, so this petite package is flaunting her feminine wiles until the right man comes along.

Vanessa Moon in 'Petite Exotic'

Vanessa Moon - Petite Exotic

Petite, exotic beauty gets takes a pussy pounding and gets facialed.

Maya Woulfe in 'Insatiable Influencer Maya Gets DPed By Her Roommates'

Maya Woulfe - Insatiable Influencer Maya Gets DPed By Her Roommates

Insatiable Influencer Maya Gets Dped By Her Roommates

Rissa May in 'Patriotic Stepsis'

Rissa May - Patriotic Stepsis

Rissa and her Stepbro haven't seen each other in quite a while. He's been in the military and is finally visiting home after years. Rissa discovers he's turned into a muscular beefcake and Rissa had a growth spurt causing her tits to get HUGE! When they reconnect, they can't resist their attraction to each other. Soon, they're getting closer than ever!

Hime Marie in 'Hime Has Anal Intentions For Her Besties Little Bro'

Hime Marie - Hime Has Anal Intentions For Her Besties Little Bro

Hime has anal intentions for her bestie's little bro, and now that he's back from his tour of duty this spinner is shooting her shot.

Vanessa Moon in 'Change My Grade'

Vanessa Moon - Change My Grade

Vanessa bursts into her teacher's office to beg him to change her grade. When he refuses, she pulls out every slutty trick in the book to change his mind!

Angel Gostosa in 'Twice The Fun For Stepsis - S30:E4'

Angel Gostosa - Twice The Fun For Stepsis - S30:E4

Parker Ambrose and Rion King are hanging out watching a movie when Parker's stepsister Angel Gostosa joins them on the couch. Sitting between them, Angel gets all cuddly with Parker. The guys offer to watch whatever Angel wants, then go on to offer her food, beverages, massages. Whatever she wants. When Parker gets up to get Angel a blanket, she whispers her plans into Rion's ears. Spreading the blanket over all three of their laps, Angel reaches out to rub both guys' crotches. Rion goes for Angel's tits while Parker rubs her clit. The guys realize that they're both in on this action, but when Angel says please they relent to a threesome. Lifting her shirt to show off her tan lined titties, Angel goes for it to demonstrate she can handle two men at once.Starting with Parker, Angel sucks both cocks before getting on her knees. She keeps on blowing Rion as Parker bangs her from behind. Turning around, she lets Rion do her in doggy as she slurps her own juices from Parker's hardon. Next Angel rides Parker in reverse cowgirl as she sucks Rion's hardon. She takes a turn on her back while Rion gives it to her and she delivers an upside-down BJ to Parker. Finally sated, Angel strokes her stepbro and his friend off until they each nut on her chest, leaving her with a big smile.

Vanessa Moon in 'Tiny XXX-mas'

Vanessa Moon - Tiny XXX-mas

Tiny Xmas angel gets her pussy stretched by a big dick for Christmas!

Lulu Chu in 'Creampied Asian Strippers'

Lulu Chu - Creampied Asian Strippers

Parker gives two Asian strippers a big tip so they put on a wild performance for him. They strip down and giving him a dildo show before sucking and fucking his big cock.

Athena Fleurs in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Athena Fleurs - My Sister's Hot Friend

Athena Fleurs needs a distraction after her boyfriend dumps her, so she heads over to her friend's house. The problem is that her friend is out. Athena could really use a distraction from her break up though, so she figures if she bangs someone else then it will make her forget all about the breakup. Lucky for Athena, her friend's brother is around and his big cock is ready to fuck the memory of her ex out of her brain.

Justine Jakobs in 'Getting Down To Business - S20:E9'

Justine Jakobs - Getting Down To Business - S20:E9

Parker Ambrose is enjoying a drink when his stepmom Justine Jakobs walks in wearing next to nothing. Her big tits are popped out of her robe and she's wearing just a thong as she comes to retrieve strawberries and whipped cream from the fridge. When Justine returns to the kitchen wearing a dress, Parker knows that his relationship with his stepmom is about to get way better.All his previous stepmoms have fucked Parker to get back at his dad doing something stupid, and Justine is no different. Justine doesn't play coy; she pops her big jugs out and drops to a crouch so she can slurp Parker's big one. He's DTF, so he licks Justine's juices from her twat before getting to his feet and banging her over the counter.Moving to the couch, Justine rides Parker's dick in reverse cowgirl. When she turns around, she shoves her titties in Parkers' face while riding him in cowgirl. Justine gets on her knees so Parker can dick her down in doggy and then as she lays on her back. They wind up spooning as Parker makes sure Justine is good and satisfied. Now that she's sated in her rage fuck, Justine makes sure Parker gets off too with a titty fuck and then slurping a treat from the head of Parker's hardon.

Vic Marie in 'Curvy Goddess Vic Marie Gets Her Perfect Ass Filled'

Vic Marie - Curvy Goddess Vic Marie Gets Her Perfect Ass Filled

Vic is taking her husband for everything: his house, his pool, his lawyer. When Vic insists her husband's attorney take care of some unfinished business, this curvy blonde comes off as the shark, and he has no objections.

Rissa May in 'Wet and Busty'

Rissa May - Wet and Busty

Rissa gets wet and soapy in the shower before getting an oiled massage. Being rubbed down leaves her horny for cock!

Lulu Chu in 'Stepsis Is A Gamer - S29:E4'

Lulu Chu - Stepsis Is A Gamer - S29:E4

Lulu Chu is a live streamer for video games. As she's commentating her game play, her stepbrother Parker Ambrose passes by her door. He can't seem to believe that Lulu isn't talking to him. As Lulu continues to rant about the gamer who's fucking her, Parker meanders into her room and rubs his hardon.Seeing her stepbrother, Lulu keeps her commentary going. She lays quiescent as Parker rolls her miniskirt up and slides his dick in from behind, but once he's in Lulu can't stay still any longer. She gets to her knees and rocks back into those strokes, enjoying this type of fucking much more than the kind she was getting from her game.Turning around, Lulu sucks their combined juices from Parker's hardon before climbing on top of him to ride him. She keeps their party going in reverse cowgirl before flopping onto her back. Parker dicks Lulu down, giving it to her until she's moaning. When he pulls out to cum all over her, Lulu samples the jizz to enjoy her sticky treat. Only then does she realize she's still streaming.

Parker Ambrose in 'Stepmoms Big Date - S20:E6'

Parker Ambrose - Stepmoms Big Date - S20:E6

Sadie Ambrose is getting ready for a big date. The bigtit milf dries off from her shower and oils up on her boobies. She doesn't know her stepson, Parker Ambrose, is watching as she dresses. When Sadie needs help zipping her dress up, she's surprised at how fast Parker responds. He asks where she's going, and Sadie responds that she's going on a super hot date.Parker doesn't realize that Sadie means she's going to spend her night in bed with her thighs spread and a pair of dildos getting her off as she masturbates. She's not exactly quiet about her pleasure, so when Parker comes to investigate he finds his stepmom in a compromising position. Rather than be embarrassed, Sadie urges Parker to man the dildo that's fucking her while she keeps going with the vibrator. That of course paves the way for a sexy good time.Sadie decides that fuck it, she needs some real dick. Parker's is more than adequate, so she guzzles him down in BJ and then climbs aboard to rock her stepson's world in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Sadie gets the dicking down she's craving as Parker does her in doggy. Then she rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs so Parker can give that bare snatch one last orgasm before Sadie has him cum all over her face.

Megan Marx in 'Do You Want To Play A Game - S29:E2'

Megan Marx - Do You Want To Play A Game - S29:E2

Oh no! Myra Moans, her stepbrother Parker Ambrose, and her friend Megan Marx have woken up and found themselves trapped in a bedroom while still dressed in their Halloween costumes. The television in front of them comes on and a masked man tells them that to get out of the room they'll have to rid themselves of all their worldly possessions. When they realize that they are indeed trapped, Megan decides that the answer to the riddle is that they have to strip.Myra and Megan get right to it, peeling their costumes off right away. When Myra is down to just her tights, Megan points out that Parker hasn't begun undressing. They coax him into it, and a key falls from his clothes. The TV comes back to life and the trio are faced with a new game: Myra has to suck Parker off while Megan watches. Myra agrees, only if Megan helps. As soon as the girls get to work, the door opens and the TV comes back to life and presents a choice: Take their freedom or stay and so their captor can watch.The trio wants to stay! When they've finished their double blowjob, the girls mount Parker with Myra riding him in cowgirl as Megan enjoys a tongue ride. The girls swap out so they can each experience both ends of Parker's pleasure. Then Myra gets in the middle for a doggy style delight while she eats Megan out. They finish with Megan on her back, Parker buried between her thighs and Myra on her face. When Parker pulls out and nuts on Megan's stomach, the girls share their treat as the masked villain jerks off in his own little room.

Lilly Hall in 'My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'

Lilly Hall - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Lilly Hall, her friend, and her friend's boyfriend are on vacation together, but Lilly's friend had to catch a later flight. So what's Lilly and her friend's man to do while they wait? Well, they could fuck like they used to.

Callie Black in 'Mother's Day Gangbang For The Stepmom'

Callie Black - Mother's Day Gangbang For The Stepmom

Callie Black is excited to celebrate her first Mother's Day as a brand-new stepmom. After her husband wakes her up by sucking on her tits, she decides to have some holiday fun by masturbating in bed… only for her new stepdaughter, Victoria Lobov, to want in on the action! She eats Callie out and then fingers her pussy over breakfast, before she's interrupted by her friends Jimmy Michaels and Parker Ambrose. While Victoria goes to pack for their beach trip, the two hotties can't help but want to show their appreciation for her fine MILF by sneakily fucking Callie in front of her husband! Once he leaves (and both Darrius Dawson and GI Joey show up) the real fun begins. Callie sucks the four men off, enjoying the taste of their cocks, before letting them take turns fucking her pussy. Not wanting her new stepmom to have all the fun, Victoria gets in on the gangbang and has the four men pound her tight holes! Once Callie and Victoria are spent, the men take turns cumming in Callie's mouth! Talk about the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Sydney Paige in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Sydney Paige - My Friend's Hot Mom

Parker stops by Levi's house and brings his bass to have a jam session. Unfortunately Levi has stepped out to run some errands, but Levi's mom, Sydney Paige, is home and let's Parker in. It just so happens that Sydney also plays a little bass, although she much rather play the skin flute. So when Sydney notices that Parker is a horrible bass player she offers to help with his fingering techniques and she makes Parker is her pussy as the instrument. Bass players get all the girls!

Mandy Rhea in 'Stepmom Soccer - Girl Cup Shootout'

Mandy Rhea - Stepmom Soccer - Girl Cup Shootout

Parker is stoked for the upcoming US Cup soccer match! As he enjoys the game with some snacks, his girlfriend Jade tries to tempt him away for some foul play – but Parker is just too focused on the finals. When Jade's new stepmom - Mandy - uses some soccer-themed tease to tempt Parker, his attention is totally redirected - leading to some red-card worthy sneaky sex! Jade eventually catches on but decides to join in like a team player – resulting in some hot triple plays & tons of scoring!

Nika Venom in 'City Boy and The Community Toy'

Nika Venom - City Boy and The Community Toy

When Nika gets a funky new sex toy – her nosey roomies can't help but be intrigued as they spy on her. Naturally, Parker & Jordyn each want a go but aren't exactly forthcoming about their desires – leading to some sneaky jilling & one lucky city boy!

Veronica Church in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Veronica Church - My Sister's Hot Friend

The gorgeous blue eyed Veronica Church needs to talk to Parker's sister but she's not at home yet. Veronica explains to her friend's brother how she caught her boyfriend cheating and with parker's help, she can have revenge sex and send pictures to her ex-boyfriend.

Wendy Raine in 'Seduced By A Cougar'

Wendy Raine - Seduced By A Cougar

Parker is printing some pics to give his sweetheart for Valentine's day when his dad's girl, Wendy walks in. As Parker is printing the pics, Wendy catches a glimpse of a dick pic. She refuses to believe that a cock that big can belong to Parker so she demands to see his member. Parker finally agrees and it is as big in real life as it is in the picture. Wendy can't help herself so she takes that cock right there and then.