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Coco Velvett in 'Mic Check with Coco Velvet'

Coco Velvett - Mic Check with Coco Velvet

What a wonderful way start off the week by watching the gorgeous Coco Velvet jerk, spit and suck on some cock. Coco is great with her hands and makes Johnny spit milk all over her pretty lips. I promise your gonna love watching this girl tug some cock.

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Coco Velvett in 'fucking in the living room with her tattoos'

Coco Velvett - fucking in the living room with her tattoos

Coco got TJ an appointment with a famous tattoo artist, but at the last minute he decides he doesn't really want a tattoo. Freaking out, Coco says she'll tell his sister, but TJ doesn't care; instead he asks her to convince him that he should get tatted up. When Coco tells him she thinks he'd look hot with some ink, TJ asks: "What would you do if I had a tattoo?" Her actions speak: "If you take a needle full of ink, I'll take your cock full of jizz."

Coco Velvett in 'fucking in the counter with her tattoos'

Coco Velvett - fucking in the counter with her tattoos

Coco Ono Velvett is one sneaky little neighbor. She's had her eye on a guy next door, and she's finally figured out a way to get him away from his wife. She pulls the "damsel in distress" move, that her sink isn't working properly. When Jack comes over to help her with the situation, he quickly fixes her pipes, and then she grabs his. Being the good husband, he says no, but being a man, Oh-no! Coco gets her way, and his pipe gets in that velvet pussy.

Coco Velvett in 'Suck It Dry 8'

Coco Velvett - Suck It Dry 8

Coco Velvett is a half-Japanese, half-Italian sweetie who really opens up and lights the world up with her smile during her interview with Joey; as she sits in wifebeater and jeans unbuttoned to allow her big pink strap-on cock to flop out. A sweet quiver in her voice and quiet wit make Uncle Joey's molestation of her butt extra-kinky. She admits that she'd like to walk a guy on a leash in the middle of the street, and Joey makes it happen, supplying a submissive Wolf Hudson for a little Hollywood stroll. Coco disciplines him there in the street, blindfolding him and cutting off his air passages. Back at the ranch, Coco continues her ultra-sensuous domination as Wolf, still blindfolded, sits on the floor masturbating. She pinches his nipples, and backs up into his face, moaning, "Good boy, clean my ass!" She strips and lays back and invites him to fuck her, holding her big plastic dick out of the way as he pumps hard, her hips responding. When he stops, she turns the tables, putting him on his knees so she can probe his ass with her gloved finger while playing with her pussy with the other hand. She rims him and starts fucking his starfish, pausing between bouts of fucking to stroke his cock and lick his asshole. She has him suck her cock before laying him on his back in missionary, stroking him off as she pumps his ass until he comes all over his belly.

Coco Velvett in 'Coco In the Window!'

Coco Velvett - Coco In the Window!

We found a Coco Velvett video in the BurningAngel vault! She's naked in front of a window, and you get a front row seat to her personal pussy party! All she wants is a cock to fuck her, but all she has is her fingers! Won't you fill her void?

Andy San Dimas in 'LA Pink BJ!'

Andy San Dimas - LA Pink BJ!

If you never saw the blowjob scene with Brian Street Team, Andy San Dimas, Coco Velvett and Draven Star from LA Pink then you're missing out. It was for sure one of the most hilarious and hot blowjob scenes of all time. Just trust me! Watch it and you'll see why.

Andy San Dimas in 'Four Girls One Mop'

Andy San Dimas - Four Girls One Mop

The girls from the tattoo shop were really missing Misti Dawn after she got fired, so they decided to pay her a visit at her new place of work: the supermarket! Seeing Misti in her baggy janitor's outfit really turned the girls on...and they decided to show her how much they missed her right then and there...!

Coco Velvett in 'and Justin Magnum in Naughty Office'

Coco Velvett - Naughty Office

Coco Velvett just got through playing a set at the local hot spot, but the owner locked her and the door guy in by mistake. Justin calls his boss, but he's banging his pick of the evening and may not be back. Knowing how to kill time, she drops the guitar, he drops his pants, and she starts playing his instrument. Coco knows how to work a stage and work a cock as an encore.

Andy San Dimas in 'Tattoo Shop Sluts'

Andy San Dimas - Tattoo Shop Sluts

Here is a scene from our infamous parody LA Pink! Basically, Erik came into the sluttiest tattoo shop in town and asked for a really lame tattoo. Andy San Dimas and Coco Velvett had a bigger interest in fucking his brains out than tattooing him - so...that's what they did!