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Camila in 'Big Colombian ass at the car wash'

Camila - Big Colombian ass at the car wash

Ass Parade is bringing you one fine piece of Colombian ass this week. Some of you my know Camila. We met her when we were down in Colombia. When we went back we just had to pay her a visit. Our original plan was to take her straight to the hotel, but she immediately cut those plans short when she saw the status of our transportation. She took us over to her uncle's car wash, and things got crazy. It wasn't long before it was her turn to be washed! Peter lathered her up and went to town on her delicious pussy. Enjoy.

Camila in 'Colombian Girl Gets Fucked On Hidden Cam'

Camila - Colombian Girl Gets Fucked On Hidden Cam

A little while back, we were touring Colombia with some of our boys looking for some pussy. We came up on this fine Colombiana with thick legs and big ol' tits. We had to flag her down and see what's up. She said she had a boyfriend, but after Charlie worked his game, none of that seemed to matter. He took her back to the hotel, where we had multiple hidden camera's set up to get all the action, and opened up her tight Colombian pussy. Enjoy!

Camila in 'Sexy Amateur Latinas From Colombia Love To Fuck Outdoors'

Camila - Sexy Amateur Latinas From Colombia Love To Fuck Outdoors

We have an amazing update for you all today!!! sp were out in the beautiful waters of colombia and what took place there is completely unforgettable.We have three of the hottest mamacitas that colombia has to offer and we have two very lucky young men,so lets check off the list...Hot latinas...Check...Cameras..Check...Water..And two thristy young men..CHECK!! so we start off by the good ol playing with there asses until the action picked up so much that we needed more than one location if you what I mean! lol the girls were absolute troopers going swimming and all the fun outdoor activites and sucking some cock at the same time..ladies and gents this update is for the Ages! Stay Tuned!

Camila in 'Colombian Amateur With Huge tits Gets Fucked Hardcore'

Camila - Colombian Amateur With Huge tits Gets Fucked Hardcore

We traveled to Colombia for a little r&r and asoon as we landed we met a really nice waitress named Camila. She was a beautiful, dark skinned brunette with a slamming body and an attraction to foreigners. We were in the right place at the right time cuz it didn't take us long to bring her back to the hotel to make us some breakfast. We had other things in mind like having her for breakfast and so we did and the world felt a little better. Que viva Colombia!!

Camila in 'A Latin Troubleshoot'

Camila - A Latin Troubleshoot

So Shane is having internet issues while he is visiting the beautiful country of Uruguay. He takes a trip downstairs for some help and stumbles upon a gorgeous hottie at the front desk. He takes her upstairs to see if she is able to fix the problem, but turns out she has other intentions besides fixing the internet. Make sure you check this out. you wont be disappointed. Enjoy

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Camila in 'Meeting My Neighbor'

Camila - Meeting My Neighbor

We know Camila loves to spy on her naked neighbor on long summer afternoons. The sight of her naked body just makes her horny. Moments after she finishes masturbating she shows up on Elizabeth's doorstep to disturb the stunning beauty from her charming nudism. Camila, wine bottle in hand, is welcomed inside and Elizabeth puts on some clothes to hang out with some coffees. The share some laughs and get to know one another. As their afternoon progresses the sexual tension grows, and they begin to get hot, and kiss.First Camila pulls out Elizabeth's soft tit, palming it with her gentle hands. Elizabeth gets a taste for Camila's sweet nipples too. The girls cleverly slip back out of their clothes piece by piece. Camila gives Elizabeth a taste of her own wettening shaved pussy before knocking the gorgeous neighbor's clit with her fingertips. Finally out of her dress, Elizabeth allures Camila into licking and sucking her sensitive parts. Elizabeth sucks Camila's fingers to get them ready to enter herself. Camila's teasing coaxes moans from Elizabeth.Camila finally slides her wet fingers inside Elizabeth, after minutes of teasing, and Elizabeth is now instantly in a state of pure bliss, with her eyes closed, strengthening the volume and speed of her moans. Camila audibly quickens her fingers' pace, and the ladies feed off each other's fervor. Elizabeth begins to massage Camila through her blue shorts before slipping them off, and continuing her pace. Elizabeth wastes no time in licking Camila's moist shaved pussy, knocking her clit gently with her tongue. Camila's fantasies are coming true, which sends her writhing instantly against Elizabeth's face. Lifting her legs, Camila is more comfortable. She helps Elizabeth's pussy eating with her fingers, masturbating and grinding her pussy against Elizabeth's strong tongue until she is finally brought to orgasm in a torrent of fervent passion for her naked neighbor. They caress one another through the remaining daylight.

Camila in 'My New Binoculars'

Camila - My New Binoculars

The view from Camila's balcony stretches, seemingly forever, but she doesn't need to see forever, just to her neighbor's house... Spying on her neighbors is one of her most rewarding pass times, and here's why. On long summer afternoons Camila can see directly into her neighbor's pool area. On days like today the neighbor's daughter catches rays, and not in her clothes, but the buck naked. Camila religiously spies on the girl next door for inspiration.As she watches the lounging beauty she feels her loins getting hot. In need of airing them out she ends up masturbating to the tune of the beautiful sun-bather. She grinds her entire body under her hand, pulling her panties into the creases of her wet shaved pussy. It doesn't take long for the panties to come off entirely, and Camila is all set to start the slow ascent to her orgasm. As she lies back to cast the pleasure from her fingertips she inserts the length of two fingers from her right hand while expertly knocking her clit with her left. Her moans and cries fill the echo of the clean white room, and she is in heaven. Tasting her fingers, she gets a flavor she knows well. Her fingers continue to slide against the budding babe's sensitive parts. She exchanges moisture between her pussy and lips as if she is making a recipe, a recipe for perfection. Her fingers guide Camila slowly and steadily to her climax, forming cries and screams of pure ecstasy from the gentle sweet moans.

Camila in 'Sexual fantasy'

Camila - Sexual fantasy

Camilaa was in dream land when I woke her up. She must have had some sexual dreams because she came out to the dinning area with one thing in mind. She was ready for her morning sex work out. Roge was ready to eat some melons, but Camilaa had something a little more tastier. She sat right on the table and spread her legs. He dove in and let the breakfast feast begin. Her sexy slice of pie looked more appetizing than everything we had out. It was also just as juicy. Roge pounded her beautiful plump rump before he let his load fly all over.